Review Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru: Dai Mankai no Shou – Chapter 10

This review of Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru: Dai Mankai no Shou there are spoilers. If you did not see the chapter, we suggest you do it and then go back to read the review.

Chapter 10: Power Born Adversity

The defense system known as Palace of a Thousand Views will be activated, but it is delayed, the heroines and sailors must win as far as possible, even though the real intention is to complete the ceremony. Suspicion arises from the leader of the sails, as the heroines try to get their friend back. Togo and Fu reach the place of fire, but with people on the battlefield disappearing and humanity losing faith, Aya tries to stay calm, but reveals the desire of some of them: to survive. Now the Vertex are no longer the enemies, but the same celestial gods who make an appearance when they break the barrier. Fate is in your hands.

Opinion of the Chapter

The battle that will end all battles has come, everyone in their jobs and doing all they have to do. I liked it, the animation and soundtrack feel great too. In addition, there are various reasons why they fight, some for survival, some for their friends, others because it is their mission, among other authors. In itself, at the subject level, there is little to analyze, the development of events is simple and there is little that can be said when you are in the middle of a battle. In that sense, it is understandable that little has been done so that the dialogues are not empty, which makes sense in what has been raised. It's more of a chapter to enjoy.

The last battle

Human hope has always been the last battle, campaign or war, which puts an end to all conflicts in the world and establishes a new good order for all. One of these is at ground level, and the other can be called heaven or god. In this case, those who want to live alone are fighting for the establishment of earthly peace (let ‘s take Kusunoki as an example), while still others (mostly Taisha) hope to join heavenly to find that peace. As Aya says, whether you follow or enter the gods, mankind will be saved. To some extent every “last” battle is for salvation.

Loss of faith and recovery

There is a saying in my country that says: Faith is the most beautiful thing in life. To be saved, you must have faith, both in yourself and in what you believe. Are people leaving because of a lack of faith or because they have so much confidence in it Shinju-sama who is now someone with him? From what is mentioned in the anime, it seems like it's bigger at first, because the army does not seem to have enough energy to launch, when your solution fails, faith and hope are lost. In any case, the heroines are the ones who, in the face of the protest, maintain the belief that things can go well and they are the ones who will remain, even Aya herself, who has accepted her desire to want to survive. While there is life there is hope.

See the latest one, yes Shinju-sama it gives the heroes the power, and we saw that it can take it away as it did with Chikage, why not take out the powers so that the Shinkon Carry on? Well, it would all end, so there would be less tension. Anyway, what really happens? Can they manage to save Yuna? Will Gendo Ikari appear as the intent behind the completion? We will know in the final chapters that remain.


La seule chose que j'ai faite, c'est de jeter le bon sens par la fenêtre, je ne sais pas pour vous mais ça marche pour moi et dans les anime ça marche aussi en général, plus point !!!!.

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