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Review this about Use Asobitei! Double there are spoilers. If you haven’t seen the chapters, we encourage you to do so and then come back to read the review.


Use Asobitei! Double – Final Chapter: I want to have fun with you next year!

After getting too drunk and ending up half-naked due to penalties for losing a game, sakurai you are ready to go home as planned from. being taken in a taxi hana Y fromhe has crow who is in charge of escorting him to his apartment. Having a slightly heated moment in that short time before sakurai fell into the futonpushing hana him, but leave her free to fall asleep without doing anything to her.

The next day, Me quite happy about Yanagi they sent the photos they took of him sakurai be half exposed Coming to pay even for them. hana that she was nervous to see her Senpaiended up a bit upset and calmed down due to being too drunk, sakurai he remembers almost nothing. So they carry on like any other day and make plans to go to the temple i New Year beside sakaki, Me and his father.

As the days passed, the New Year’s Eve came and sakurai really remembered everything that happened at the party Christmas with hana and his family. Being consumed by thinking about it for a long time alone, sakurai call forward to sakaki Y Aihiko to talk to them about it. sakaki He encourages him not to sit still because he knows his feelings hanameanwhile he and Aihiko they will support him.

Use Asobitei!  Double - Final Chapter

Details Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! Double – Final Chapter

At last came the denouement of the party. Christmasand with her is one of the moments in which I laugh the most Use Asobitei! Doublethe scene when the doujinshi was about to turn Canyon. While I found this scene pretty funny in the manga, I personally think the adaptation is much worse than the original source. After all, I felt that it was in better contrast with the Comedy.

Shortly after that scene also appeared Ciri with your group of friends. A moment that made me laugh too as it appeared in the previous episode. Being a comedic moment that eased the tension a bit when the plot got too serious. Which I didn’t like because of the short time both memories had on screen.

Like the previous episode, Use Asobitei! Double – In the Final Chapter there were moments of awkwardness between the characters. But this time instead of between sakurai and his future father-in-law, was between sakurai Y hana. Something that would seem normal recently, however, this time the main reason was because of their feelings. This was one of the points I was hoping to see in this second season adaptation.

Use Asobitei!  Double - Final Chapter

Honestly, I didn’t expect the end of the season to be like this at all. In fact, I am almost sure that the visit to the temple i New Year there were several “adjustments” in the adaptation. For example, to see Aihiko, Me Y sakaki in the car watching the show from afar. I don’t remember that being in the manga, but whether it is or not, I’m very grateful to be able to see a moment of ‘closeness’ between Me Y sakaki.

By the way, I thought the end of the season would be the day after the Conradh na Gaeilge party Christmaswith a sakurai eating mentally, a hana something happy and ashamed about what happened, and a from with her complicated feelings about it hana Y sakurai. Leaving an end with some suspense for a hypothetical continuation. Of course, I still believe he achieved this goal.

Characters and their contribution to the plot

Although the first season introduced the characters in the story, I think this second season focused a lot more on the development of the main characters. Of course, as I have repeated time and time again, the development of the main characters was mainly due to the support of the secondary characters. In addition to the fact that the main characters also had their own development, however, I think this was almost zero compared to what they had with the help of other characters. The first thing I think is not noticed.

As for the secondary characters, although I think they were the main engine that developed the main characters, the truth is that they leave me on duty. I understand that this is a A romantic comedy and that for that hana Y sakurai highlight them, however, I would have loved to know more about the main supporting characters as Aihiko, Me Y sakaki. Even if no other relationship has arisen at the moment (such as I ship between the last two).

It wasn’t until the later chapters when I started to see some development in the secondary characters, and by this I mean they showed a bit of their reasons for wanting to bring the main characters together. . Where sakaki I think he stood out more, stating that he simply wants to support his best friend and first love. but family Asia I’d like to see at least some hints as to why they took advantage of the instructions and spent most of their time as viewers eating their iconic bowl of rice. Which of course did not leave my mind alone and even created some theories about it.

Use Asobitei!  Double - Final Chapter

Compared to the first season, Use Asobitei! Double I think he put genres that A romantic comedy. Since her predecessor I personally consider her as a Comedy net with some other details of Romantic.

So, not only was the second season confirmed the feelings of the protagonists, it was also the appearance of two characters that became central: Yanagi Y from. even though Yanagi It was a boost to the team of secondary characters who support the relationship of the Irish Language League sakurai Y hanahe played a much more active role, similar to that of sakakito push hana And the relationship will develop faster.

For her, from From being a character that could easily be filler, he ended up being the “antagonist” of the plot, being the only person who was against the relationship of the protagonists. Although in the end thanks to him sakurai begin to realize and accept their feelings for hana.

Technical details

Use Asobitei! Double encouraged the study ENGI, the same one that also animated its previous season, so the animation style in the two characters and stage design are different. Which I was happy to see, however, I won’t deny that I felt there were some quality differences.

First of all, I didn’t find the quality of the animations on display Use Asobitei! Double it is bad But at the same time, it does not seem that it stood out in this part to compete against other animes of the Autumn Season 2022. Now, comparing it to the first season, I think the biggest change was the fluidity of the characters’ movement.

One of the animated moments I remember most from the first season is when hana looking at sakurai in the university canteen. Making strange movements to try to communicate with him without speaking. He was one Uzbek with style chibibut despite the fact that it may be a simple scene, the fluidity of the constant movements crow ​​​​​​I got pretty good, managed to show the Comedy back then. In this second season, I think more of the same kind of moments were missing.

While I understand that there were none of these moments, the fluidity of the animated movements of the second season seemed very “simple” to me. After all, there was more than one occasion when I found the movements a bit ‘robotic’. Of course, there were others where I think it was wise not to emphasize them so much.


In the audio section, Use Asobitei! Double I think it was pretty average. Use the music in the scenes correctly to show the main focus of what was happening there. Counting on a opening Y ended he made it clear that they belonged to the anime, but I don’t think they stood out in the Autumn Season 2022.

By the way, it seemed to me that the “nuclear weapons” of it hana they were of lower quality in this second season. Perhaps it was a visual effect due to the different clothes he wore throughout the chapters and not his iconic shirt. Because it didn’t always seem that way.

final opinion

Taking into account the development of the characters (both main and secondary), that the plot took a much larger tone for the Romantic and not only Comedy like the previous season, and if the technical details such as music and animation kept the specific touch with the work, my qualification for Use Asobitei! Double would 7.5/10rising to 8 if salvation is necessary.

It seemed to me that this second season was a very good adaptation of the original work, with everything and the changes made to it. Which I think in the end was in a sufficient amount so that it seemed like everything or what they wanted to show in these thirteen episodes without leaving “blank spaces” that felt like filler. Including of course the ninth chapter which was a collaboration.

Use Asobitei! Double I would definitely recommend it to all those who liked the first season and/or are up to date with the Manga but haven’t seen the Anime adaptation yet.

Unfortunately I don’t think so Use Asobitei! Double the favorite came on the Autumn Season 2022, not even in the main genres. After all, you are competing against great opponents in both genders. Mainly i Comedy where lies what I consider the jewel of the season,”Bocchi the Rock!“.

Still, I hope that there will be a continuation in the future in the form of a third season, on film or OVAs/ONAs. And I hope it won’t be as long a separation as the one between the first (summer 2020) and this second season (Autumn, 2022).


La seule chose que j'ai faite, c'est de jeter le bon sens par la fenêtre, je ne sais pas pour vous mais ça marche pour moi et dans les anime ça marche aussi en général, plus point !!!!.

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