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Review this on Use Asobitei! Double there are spoilers. If you haven’t seen the chapters, we encourage you to do so and then come back to read the review.


Use Asobitei! Double – Chapter 11: I think I’m trying to form now!

During your drinking party, hana reveals that sakaki Y Me a bit of how it was sakurai In school. Remembering how he helped him swim and how he found out that he is a very kind person despite his intimidating appearance. At the end, Me is in charge of transportation hana home, meeting Yanagi and telling him that there was no progress in his relationship with him sakurai for he was not present.

Still at his parents’ house sakurai who is temporarily in charge Knock, and then practice some judo. As his father is being laid down, he takes the opportunity to talk to him about the woman he heard when he called him on the phone. However, their father-son talk was interrupted by his mother, which both of them put down easily despite being born a few months ago.

The next day, sakurai He goes to his work, slightly immersed in his thoughts. While the boss was behind him, sakaki, from and one of the gym buddies, who just happens to be friends with the manager. Saw sakurai so troubled in his thoughts, from he starts talking to him, assuming it was all because of the girl he talked to once. By accepting it, sakurai he started getting support from everyone present so he knew they were there for him if he needed to talk.

Use Asobitei!  Double - Chapter 11

wisdom for adults

Which I think had a lot to do with it Use Asobitei! Double – In Chapter 11 the various discussions felt much more serious. Which was a little strange to me, since most of the time the conversations between the characters are dominated by the comedy characteristics of the series. But, this “change” didn’t feel like one that cut the anime style.

Especially the father-son family moment sakurai. To make the truth, shirou it was a character that presented in the previous episode His personality bothered me, however, after seeing more of him on screen, I came to respect the character somewhat. Expressing your concerns as a parent in your own way, teaching your child a broader view of the situation.

Of course, there is talk of sakurai with everyone in the cafeteria. Getting the wisdom of adults who already have more experience in that area. Not forgetting the emotional support it would provide sakaki. Being the average friend who doesn’t have a partner, but is always there to give love advice and is often functional. In this case, be a better support by being aware of the feelings of both parties and their respective personalities.

Use Asobitei!  Double - Chapter 11

first flags

Personally I think that the moments withdrawal of hana about his time in high school with sakurai they were too much in the background. After all, it was showing how some of their first friendly interactions happened when they were hana she still took care to be respectful to her Senpai. In the same way that I believe it is clear how kindness sakurai put a flag in hana. Perhaps this banner was not romantic as such, but one that would allow her to be “closer” to him.

Although the withdrawal Loved the way it was adapted i Use Asobitei! Double – Chapter 11, the truth is that I also think that the serious talks in the episode had a greater impact on him. Capture the most attention, despite the fact that the withdrawal exactly one of his most ‘honest’ moments hana along the Use Asobitei! Double.

Of course, when compared to how I felt in the manga, the truth is that it is not much different from the animated adaptation. Well, in the original work I think the balance between the two themes was more even and not so much in favor of the theme sakurai.


Now, since this is the penultimate season, and after seeing the preview of the final episode, I think it’s going to be an emotional finale. Where many important events will happen in a few minutes. Because I’m not going to deny it, I’m worried about how well the adaptation does in bringing out all of the emotions that the manga felt at those moments.


La seule chose que j'ai faite, c'est de jeter le bon sens par la fenêtre, je ne sais pas pour vous mais ça marche pour moi et dans les anime ça marche aussi en général, plus point !!!!.

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