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Review this about Use Asobitei! Double there are spoilers. If you haven’t seen the chapters, we encourage you to do so and then come back to read the review.


Use Asobitei! Double – Chapter 10: I want him to be excited before Christmas!

Despite how close it is ChristmasHana has no plans yet sakuraialthough he assumes he will have it Senpai whoever invites her, after all she is special to him. in an apartment of sakurai, hana begins to understand that now he is not thinking about his Senpai like a harmless creature, and a little movement of it sakurai causes misunderstanding with hana.

The next day he seeks revenge with a horror film, however, hana ends up much more terrified, so she asks sakurai wait that night because you don’t want to walk in the dark. with the benefit that hana Dinner and breakfast will be cooking, sakurai you take Making the futon available to visitors, and inadvertently finding underwear hanawhich creates a new embarrassment for both of them.

At a drinking party planned by sakaki Y Me, hana he tells them that sakurai he won’t be able to go since his parents called him to visit them. When sakurai he is safe from his mother Haruko carrying a child, who is her younger sister Knock, who is 8 months old. His father, shirouhe was the one who hid the birth Knock and even prevented him from visiting them to spend loving moments with his wife, I also think the main reason why sakurai live alone.

Use Asobitei!  Double - Chapter 10

Fall into your own trap

After watching Hana fall into her own trap into Use Asobitei! Double – Chapter 10, I realized that the stories are funny Uzbek They are much smaller compared to the first season. At least that’s how it was for me. Although it may be a matter of perspective, the truth is, since the second season is more focused on advancing the relationship of the main characters, I see sense in it. Especially since they were told that they are completely compatible. From there I think the “jokes” of it hana they stopped being the ones to bother them sakurai. Well, now he uses that time so that a Senpai admits that he is in love with her.

As seen in the previous episodefeelings of sakurai they are not yet fully defined, and are still undecided. Even after the words he himself had already said.

Now, back to the jokes hana. It was strange to me how naturally I accepted the transition between their purpose. And, when I thought a little about it, I saw that the development of the protagonists is better than I thought. At least now I don’t see that his development happens only with the help of the secondary characters, but that it is so natural that it is not noticed.

Use Asobitei!  Double - Chapter 10

By the way, the seiyuu of Haruko it is Miki Itō (Android 18 in “dragon ball“), meanwhile he seiyuu of shirou it is Tomokazu Sugita (Rudeus Greyat in “mushoku weather“).

More addition to the story

Although the previous chapter can be considered as “filler” since it is not an adaptation of the original source, the truth is that I think it was done well so as not to end the story. However, i Use Asobitei! Double – Chapter 10 there were once again short moments that do not appear in the manga either and, even if they are a few seconds, I consider that they “cut” the screen time of the main plot.

This doesn’t seem important at first, though, because they’re so close to the end of the season and so many important events have yet to happen, I’m afraid they want to promote the most important moments in the end / a abbreviate Being very close to the time limit. If these moments are not adapted directly this season and they want to leave the suspense for the third part.

Of course I would love this option, as long as it is announced as soon as it is finished Use Asobitei! Double and not much waiting time for the third. Otherwise, instead of eating anxiety, I will end up being eaten by frustration. know thatthe cool thing is coming‘ but I would have to wait a long time to see it adapted to anime.


I also think this would be considering how close the manga is to ending, because as it stands now, I don’t see enough material for another season. And it definitely feels like the manga is reaching its peak before long. So it would be a better option to wait until the end of the manga to adapt the third and final season. Of course there is the option of adapting a third season with the current material and then doing a fourth and final one or finishing the story with OVAs or film. Of course, this is if the manga was close to ending.


La seule chose que j'ai faite, c'est de jeter le bon sens par la fenêtre, je ne sais pas pour vous mais ça marche pour moi et dans les anime ça marche aussi en général, plus point !!!!.

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