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This SpyxFamily review contains spoilers. If you haven’t seen the chapter, we suggest you do so and then come back to read the review.

Chapter 24: Role of mother and wife

Yor is discouraged because she thinks the charade is over and Loid will go with Fiona. The husband catches this by following her and decides to do something, he takes her to a restaurant where she tries to take the reins and accept her victory, but she doesn’t succeed and drinks alcohol for courage get. While drunk, Yor speaks, implying that he was jealous, Loid decides to be a seducer and suddenly receives a kick that leaves him unconscious. Wake up at the feet of his wife, a pleasant memory in the dream. Now conscious, he tells her about his childhood and his mother, implying that Yor is the real mother. The next day she doesn’t remember what happened and her husband had to tell her everything again.

chapter opinion

At first, I was wrong, I thought this was the last episode of the season, but no, there will be another one. I already said that the times were not increasing, because the new anime season usually waits a week to start. This chapter developed at least two important characters, one more than the other. As for Loid, well, we already have a deeper look at his past, a kind of reminder of his mother when he was at Yor’s feet. We already know that there was a crisis, a war in his childhood, but everything was fine with his mother. Loid’s past is something that draws my attention, because we know a little more about Yor than about him and I think there is much, much substance to his story. And, it seems to me, we don’t know much about Anya’s experiments either, which we will see in due course.

Finally, under this section, the role of a mother and wife, as I understand it, is to know how to raise a daughter and keep the family together. In a way, these are the traditional values ​​of a housewife, which can be understood from the conservative context of the country where they live.

shopping with a friend

Beca, Beca, Beca. Sometimes I can put up with her, other times I really like her, like in this chapter. Regardless of the purchases, which among friends are very ordinary and it is a moment to share and even remember (Anya knew very well), what stands out is Becky’s attitude. Now we know why it is so, although it was worse. Being raised in a rich and powerful family gives him social complexes and a sense of superiority that a child can turn into a person who is already trying to be an adult, which is kind of: they are inferior, they are adults only ones who are equal to me. From here must be born his taste for novels, which have a plot “for adults”.

In any case, we see that Becky has developed as a person, her conceited and grown-up aspect dropped a little, living a little more like a child, of course with a lot of money. His caretaker knows this well and is therefore happy. Speaking of which, I liked that character, I would like to see her again with a little more involvement, because I see her as perfect for Mr. Elegant.

Good news

The good news is that there will be a second season of the anime and a movie. As for the latter, I don’t know if it will be canon for the manga or the original story. From the anime, the safest thing is that they adapt the manga and add one or two original things. I hope the second season has a plot line, a general plot, I think that way there is more emotion and it can be enjoyed better. But hey, wait until it comes.


La seule chose que j'ai faite, c'est de jeter le bon sens par la fenêtre, je ne sais pas pour vous mais ça marche pour moi et dans les anime ça marche aussi en général, plus point !!!!.

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