Review Komi-san Cannot Communicate – Chapter 9

This review of Komi-san wa cannot Communicate there are spoilers. If you have not seen the chapters, we suggest you do it and then go back to read the review.

© オ ダ ト モ ヒ ト ・ 小学 館 / 私立 伊 旦 高校

Komi-san Can't Communicate – Chapter 9: I'm a Country Girl / Video Games / Doing Part Time Work / Something's On My Face

With the calendar marking September 1st, students return to class. Among them is Inaka Nokoko, a country girl who tries not to notice that she is from the country. So he respects Komi, whom he sees as a total city girl. Some misunderstandings have been generated about your decision to enter, exit and re – enter a Sabowey. Order was wrong again.

Nakanaka invites Komi to his house, which is accepted. When he arrives and enters Nakanaka's house, the atmosphere is too quiet. So, to entertain Komi and keep her from getting bored, Nakanaka shows one of her video games that she is playing. But, when he realizes that Komi is a ‘normal person', he enlists the help of Najimi, bringing Tadano with him. Enjoying all four together in one game.

Najimi enlisted Komi and Tadano's help with her part – time job, as she had to deliver 5,000 tissues before the day was out. Komi, resolute, tries to deliver the tissues, but fails. Try again and fail again. Until Teshigawara Yoshiko is seen, who really wants a scarf. When the people around see that Komi actually delivers tissues they come up to get her own.

Komi had a dream in which all her friends had something on her face, something she could not know what it was, just as she could not warn them about it. The next day, Tadano has something on his face, just like he had in his dream, but he has the same problem again and does not warn him. That same day, Komi asks Tadano to call her by name, just as she does Najimi. But Tadano can't be embarrassed. Something Komi also can't do when it comes to calling Tadano by his name. Equally embarrassing.

Komi-san Cannot Communicate - Chapter 9
© オ ダ ト モ ヒ ト ・ 小学 館 / 私立 伊 旦 高校

Being a guest / being

I Komi-san Cannot Communicate – Chapter 9 shows a Komi arch visiting Nakanaka's house. This is the second time Komi has visited a friend's house in the past so far, and the last one is Tadano's house. This time, however, Komi was not with Tadano, so she did not have an “interpreter” to help her in “awkward” situations. Something that impressed her not only, but also Nakanaka, who did not have guests from the primary school.

What surprised me was that Komi, during this arc, seemed much quieter than Nakanaka. Something I attribute to Komi ‘s excitement and interest. In addition to his personality. While Nakanaka pressed herself on her shoulders over how to treat Komi so that she will not hate her.

While his plan to show her the climax of the game didn't seem like a bad idea to me, I think he skipped a lot of steps, as Nakanaka had no idea at the time if Komi knew about that game and / or if sum in it. A key point where he could start a proper conversation with Komi. To get to know each other: hobbies, tastes, hobbies, etc. Something that usually seems from the outside, but he would be nervous if he was under his shoes.

I still remember what it was like when I first visited a friend's house. The nerves from being in an unfamiliar place. But unlike Komi and Nakanaka, by that time at least they already had some knowledge of each other, so it was much easier to be able to play without generating a silence that would eventually cause discomfort.

Komi-san Cannot Communicate - Chapter 9
© オ ダ ト モ ヒ ト ・ 小学 館 / 私立 伊 旦 高校

That's why I liked the arcade, because, although it was not assimilated to my personal situation, I think that what both parties felt at that time was well articulated. Of course, I also think that this interaction could be “enhanced”, since Komi was quite calm. At first I thought it would shake like it does on other occasions, not knowing what to do and / or how to communicate properly. Although not an exaggeration either. Kind of like when he hits Tadano in the game by mistake. I first imagined that kind of interaction between Komi and Nakanaka when they were alone. Komi was nervous about trying to communicate with her, and Nakanaka felt pressured to have Komi as a guest.

Komi-san decision

While Komi's decision is something that has been in every episode of the anime so far, I think this one was more influential mainly because it involved unknown people, with Komi helping Najimi in his part – time job . I previous episodes It was Komi's secret for her to try to talk to him. one of his classmates and then ask him if he wants to be a friend.

This time Komi had to face society in a certain way. With a perfect job to show it off. Technically speaking, there is no need to speak, but the truth is that in this and other “field” jobs, such as handing out brochures, I feel that a high level of communication skill is required to deliver them quickly. Just as they show with Najimi. Nevertheless, Komi did not surrender. Something I believe ended up helping him in his communication progress, without the need to be verbal.

Komi, on the other hand, showed her determination by visiting Nakanaka's house, since the two of them would be alone, Tadano would not be there to help her. Along with Najimi's errand again, where Komi had the same challenge before requesting an order. Although it ended with the same result, this time it seemed to me that Komi was much more determined than the first time.

Komi-san Cannot Communicate - Chapter 9
© オ ダ ト モ ヒ ト ・ 小学 館 / 私立 伊 旦 高校

So far I appreciate that progress in development Komi-san Cannot Communicate it goes at a very good pace. Referring to both character development and plot. I never felt like they go too fast and not too slow. That's even considering that the episodes adapted in this anime don't have a fixed amount of ‘arcs', sometimes there's three, six more, or even two more. I think they are giving everyone enough screen time.

Of course, the only question I still have is, how many chapters will the anime have? After all, we are already inside Komi-san Cannot Communicate Chapter 9 about to premiere Chapter 10, but this does not seem to be an anime that will last 12 episodes. Although I do not feel that they are about to give it an era 24. However, with the advancement of the manga and the rumors that it may be close, there may be a chance that they will decide to adapt completely. Komi-san Cannot Communicate. But those are already simple speculations of mine.


La seule chose que j'ai faite, c'est de jeter le bon sens par la fenêtre, je ne sais pas pour vous mais ça marche pour moi et dans les anime ça marche aussi en général, plus point !!!!.

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