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This review of Komi-san wa cannot Communicate there are spoilers. If you have not seen the chapters, we suggest you do it and then go back to read the review.

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Komi-san Can't Communicate – Chapter 4: Physical Exam / I'm in Love

On body day, Yadano Makeru prepares to compete against Komi in the exam. Which is divided into four sections: Sight, Height, Weight and Height while sitting. Komi stays with the first two parts, and Yadano with the other two, leaving their confrontation in a drawer. Although Komi never knew they were in a ‘duel'.

It was a normal day for Yamai Ren, continuing his efforts to get closer to Komi to talk to her. Despite the obstacles, Yamai manages to greet her, getting a nervous reaction from Komi. Something he misunderstood. But with the help of Najimi, he manages to introduce himself in a more formal way to Komi and even manages to have lunch with her. Although Najimi did not have a very good time due to Tadano's absence that day, which made Komi difficult to understand.

At the end of the day, Najimi and Komi go to Yamai's house, who invited them, but before entering his room he cleans it, removing all the photos of Komi from the walls and hiding the kidnapping and tied up. Tadano in the closet. After hearing Najimi's voice, Tadano did not hesitate to make noise and take advantage of the fact that Yamai left the room for tea, Komi and Najimi and Tadano found out. When Yamai returned, Komi decided to leave the place with Tadano after what happened.

The next day, Komi speaks alone to Tadano, since she was indirectly blamed for his abduction. However, with the same phrase that Komi wrote to Yamai the day before, Tadano reaffirmed his friendship with Komi. Get Yamai apologies later. And so Komi found a new friend.

Komi-san Cannot Communicate - Chapter 4
© オ ダ ト モ ヒ ト ・ 小学 館 / 私立 伊 旦 高校

Duel that your opponent does not know that he is your opponent

I Komi-san Cannot Communicate – Yadano Makeru first appeared in Chapter 4. A girl who hates losing and sees Komi as a rival, or target. However, he never interacts directly with her. She only competes in an unofficial ‘duel' where she only knows about the participants. Something that is not very uncommon in anime genre school, but not to the point that I would consider it a cliché.

While the character had a presentation, it was direct to the audience and not to any of the main characters, so for me it has a third party character place. Between extra and secondary, for the moment. However, given his personality, his competitive spirit and his hater, he is sure to be featured in future episodes of the animated adaptation of Komi-san Cannot Communicate.

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Right now, the character makes me happy. Especially since there was none attendees unnecessary Ecchi unnecessarily, though it was the perfect time to insert it. For example, the competition was linked to its ‘three measures', even if they are not shown and / or not mentioned. I hope to see more competition sometimes between Yamai and Komi.

It is a simple but unbreakable spell

There are epic moments in anime in general, I think Komi-san Cannot Communicate – Chapter 4 has one. I mean how Komi reacted to the release of Tadano prisoner, specifically, how Komi reacted to Yamai's attitude. A simple sentence could end the conversation, and it was not even spoken.

I decide who will be my friends‘, a fairly large phrase in this anime. A phrase that could hurt people, but also save them. What I think shows a bit of what friendship really means. One that goes beyond a goal or goal. That was a big hurdle for Komi's goal of 100 friends, but she was willing to face Yamai for her friend. You don't have to be “right” to be right.

As if that wasn’t enough, the spell was repeated in the episode, this time it was Tadano's turn to tell a worried, insecure Komi with an unnecessary sense of guilt. Komi left if she left me paralyzed for a minute if she was in Tadano's shoes. After thinking about the various options, I think Tadano made the right choice so that the mysterious gears started moving in the shadows. But it's still too early to talk about it

Komi-san Cannot Communicate - Chapter 4
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But, thanks to all the trouble with Yamai, Komi was able to advance the development of her character. Speaking for the first time directly to Tadano, only to hide his embarrassment with the notebook he always has to write and communicate with others. Which I have to admit by the way I really liked the work in that scene from a seiyuu the Komi (Aoi Koga). The tone of his voice, the way he got stuck trying to talk to Tadano for the first time and Komi's feelings, I think they were very well achieved. In another chapter over there Komi-san Cannot Communicate in which Komi speaks.

First time at Komi-in doubt about having a friend

As seen in Komi-san Cannot Communicate – Chapter 4, Komi hesitates to accept friendship with Yamai Ren. Here after seeing that she is more than “in love” with Komi, she is biased. Until the abduction of Tadano. What is already right is a dangerous sign. For that reason, personally he would never accept her, especially since he did not regret what he had done, he continued to show his side yandere.

I can’t say, though, that I didn’t like Yamai Ren’s character either. In some respects I shared something with her, specifically her reaction to seeing the “casual” side of Komi-san. That side showing big eyes, Komi globe, with a simpler look. The Yamai reaction was the same as I had when I first saw that Komi in the manga. In fact, that's one of the reasons I like manga, because of that simpler and funnier drawing style in Komi, which the Komi-cat also showed.

Anyway, at least I didn't go down without explaining myself first to Yamai. I imagine they tried to give him a tender voice to highlight the changes in his personality, however, despite watching the episode over and over again, I always thought his voice was very “loli“. Perhaps this is because of the personal expectations I had for her voice, imagining a voice for her while reading the manga. However, I think your appearance in previous episodes in the animated adaptation he better illustrated the change between the tones of his voice.

Komi-san Cannot Communicate - Chapter 4
© オ ダ ト モ ヒ ト ・ 小学 館 / 私立 伊 旦 高校

An seiyuu Ren's Yamai Rina Hidaka, which gave voice to characters such as: Edge (“Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari“), Milim nava (“TenSura“), Nagisa Akatsuki (“Beat the Blood“), Yuika koga (“HenSuki“), Ai hinatsuru (“Ryuuou no Oshigoto!“), among others. Honestly, looking at the history of his character, the vast majority of them are childish in one way or another, but Yamai is not even a feature.”loliTo have that voice. At the moment it's the one that is “worse” (its tone is not terrible, it's just getting used to it) which is adapted into the anime.

By the way, the final animation was exactly what I suspected, with changes for each new friend made by Komi. With only Yamai added Komi-san Cannot Communicate – Chapter 4, since Yadano is not his friend yet.


La seule chose que j'ai faite, c'est de jeter le bon sens par la fenêtre, je ne sais pas pour vous mais ça marche pour moi et dans les anime ça marche aussi en général, plus point !!!!.

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