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Caveat! Review this about Kakkou no Iinazuke chapter thirteen contains spoilers. If you haven’t seen the episode yet, I suggest you check it out and then come back to read the review.


Chapter 13

We begin the second part of it Kakkou no Iinazuke, at the beginning this chapter begins with the new opening called Glitter, which translates as glitter. The song was performed by the Japanese rock band Sumika, who have performed other anime openings such as Fiction by Wotaku and Koi wa Muzukashiione of my favourites, I must admit.

At the beginning of the chapter you can see what colors define each character, Nagi, Eric, hiro Y Sacchi, merge into each other, just like in the first opening. In addition to the fact that we can see two pairs of birds, one blue, one pink, the next green and the last yellow, they clearly refer to Nagi, Eric, hiro Y Sacchi. So when the name of the anime is displayed, Cuckoo Twinsa nest with four eggs is visible, each representing the aforementioned colors, again referring to these four characters.

Almost at the end of the opening you could be seen Nagi standing in front of the three girls, hinting at his recent personal war to find out which one he loves and, with this, begins this new phase in the anime.

Nagi’s distraction

At the end of the quarter Nagi He did not seem to be putting on a good face, for the recent questions which had invaded his mind had confused and troubled him. His doubts are growing, because he used to assume that he was in love with him hiro but now he wants what he really loves. This situation terrified him so much that he could not concentrate enough on the exams, which is not typical of him. Nagi.

The next day something happened that no one was willing to witness, Nagi not only did he stop being in first place but he fell so far down to thirteenth place. His focus left no doubt about it and those were the results. While he was crying some companions came to him to lift his spirits, among them Shionwho returns, after a long time, to make an appearance.

Meanwhile, it seems hirowhich looks Nagi with a disappointed expression. I thought, looking at this scene, that hiro She had looked at him like that since he firmly declared that he would succeed her in all the examinations and she felt sad to think that he, after coming second, had given up before that praise.

Erika’s words

Nagi comes home with his spirits down and, although Eric He took things in stride Sacchi He said he was never lower than second place, so it was really unusual.


Nagi he moped in his room alone thinking about all the reasons why he was studying so diligently, but that only made him more embarrassed and tormented. Then he remembered all those moments he had lived since the day he met Eric and he disturbed them. Nagi He concluded that he didn’t study hard enough because he wasted his time on other things and had no time left if he didn’t get good grades. So he didn’t know himself because he wasn’t doing the same things he used to do before.

Eric I just had a knock on the door Nagi He ignored the call, so she didn’t hesitate to make her way in. At first he complained to him because he hadn’t prepared dinner, but he intended to talk to him about his grades and his depression as a result. So they started a little discussion in which Nagi says it’s worth nothing if it’s not the first, but Eric He responds by saying that he was still the same as her even if he wasn’t in the first place. These words were enough for Nagi you will get your good spirit back.


What happens to Hiro?

next sunrise, Nagi wake up completely refreshed. But even though he ended up taking a shower Eric opened the bathroom door and ended up seeing him as he came to life, a situation similar to the time the lizard entered the bathroom, but this time he was Eric who saw Nagi; so I would say they are now in hand. However, Eric I had already seen it this way that time hiro He went to visit and decided, believing he would be alone in the house all day, to walk around without clothes.

Finally, after having that embarrassing situation, Nagiwith all conviction, came to the institution to continue the morning studies he used to share with them hiro and trying to declare war again for him to continue their rivalry. However, it was Eric the one who came to the library and the two began to engage in a typical conversation: a fight of opinions about studies. hiro they heard behind the door and, noticed that Nagi seemed to feel better, decided not to go in and leave it there.

Nagi found that hiro in the corridors of the institution and asked her about the fact that she missed her studies in the library, but she could only give an excuse in response; though he had no knowledge. in the course of the day hiro just ignored Nagi and that began to worry him.

Thinking about why it was difficult for him to get an answer to her attitude. hirosince there weren’t many reasons coherent enough to treat him like that, as to what Nagi respect. But he didn’t have to give it much thought after checking her locker and seeing that she had left a note.

Because of the rarity of the events Nagi comments to Eric about this issue. In short, though Eric didn’t care about the position Nagi it was about his grades, maybe hiro yes and, since he didn’t send first, she must have been disappointed because of him. Therefore, Eric came to the conclusion that hiro I felt that Nagi he had betrayed her.


Hiro was jealous

Nagi met with hiro on a small basketball court and had a deep conversation. hiro admitted that she was depressed and that it was because she believed that she was the only person who could cheer him up, but that she knew that Eric It made him sad. Those words were done Nagiagain, to confirm how much he liked it hiro. In addition, his conversation with her again encouraged him to try to study and get, again, the first position.

coming home, Eric asks Nagi to help him study, because if he didn’t succeed in the next exams he would have to leave home and go back to his parents. So, as always Eric mentioning something like this at the end of the day.

With this information, the chapter ends and brings us to an ending that I think is quite enjoyable. The song is called HELLO HELLO HELLO, produced by the singer 藍井エイル (Eir Aoi), who also made other songs such as opening Sword Art Online II called Ignite. If you don’t already know, ODS it’s one of my favorite animes so overall it makes a lot of sense to me that Eir Aoi makes the ending Kakkou no IinazukeAnime that is, because it is very significant, I am reviewing now.

This ending is accompanied by a smooth rhythm and colorful images, the combination is very pleasing to the eye. The truth is that I really liked all the songs, from opening to ending, but this is definitely my favorite.

Final Opinion

We’ve entered a new phase of this story and I’m anxious to see what’s to come soon and how everything will start to flow nicely. It is interesting and exciting to see a side of the characters that has not been seen before. So, to be honest, I think I’ll be much more motivated in these next chapters to express my thoughts and opinions in each review, since everything is flowing in the direction I was looking forward to it.

By the way, I’ve read a comment someone left in my previous review and I have to admit I’m Team too Ericbut i love harem anime and i love seeing the main character’s interaction, Nagiwith the other girls. So while I’m looking forward to Eric Y Nagi end together it also makes me anxious to see more scenes where he interacts with them romantically hiro. In addition, I must clarify, I am not very excited to see that kind of interaction between Sacchi Y Nagi, but I don’t mind either, so it’s something, in the same way, that I keep looking forward to. What do you think?


La seule chose que j'ai faite, c'est de jeter le bon sens par la fenêtre, je ne sais pas pour vous mais ça marche pour moi et dans les anime ça marche aussi en général, plus point !!!!.

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