Retired NFT Retro Game Collection Retired Because Not Owned By The Company

A collection of in-play NFT retro games has been removed because they are not owned by the company responsible.

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as reported Route yesterday (May 12), MetaGravity Studio released the Retro Arcade Collection as a means of “preserving abandoned goods games i [la blockchain]as NFT.

The cluster offered a place to play games as Dubhthorne from Blizzard and Blizzard Death Rally with Medicine. After what Route asked about the games, the NFT titles were drawn when “some NFTs were reported”.

Not all players who claimed the NFTs can play the games anymore, incl Dubhthorne. “The license seems to be being checked for completion, but we did not want to be drawn into any discussion, as that is not in the spirit of the collection,” said MetaGravity Studio founder and CEO Rashin Mansoor. “So we’ve won all the games and now traded on NFTs to get passes for our next native NFT retro game.”

The games also seemed to work well with NFTs, but it was not entirely clear whether MetaGravity had the rights to sell these games, especially as NFTs. The company’s use of the term “abandoned goods” also implies that the developers involved in these games were completely abandoned, although that was not 100% clear either.

Mansoor also said that the team tends to stick to demos and games, saying that “it was quite difficult to validate the status of many obsolete software, but we did our best to ensure that we were using freeware versions of the software. games. . ” “.

We wanted to preserve “abandoned goods” more broadly, as many “abandoned goods” sites do, but we wanted to be careful here. We have also added a DMCA form to our site so that copyright holders can request the removal of copyright if it is not ok to host it, ”said Mansoor.

According to wapointBlizzard did not respond to a request for comment on the NFTs, but a spokesman for Medicine said the company had not approved the work, and thanked the publication for paying attention.

On the other hand, the remake of Dead Space has already set a release date, and players will be able to get their hands on it in January next year.


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