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Rebel Wilson locked his “bad teacher” in a closet for four hours

Rebel Wilson spoke about her high school experiences, admitting that she once locked a teacher in a closet.

The actor and comedian was featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday (April 27) when he recalled the incident against a “bad teacher”.

“She was smart at school, but she was a little cheeky too,” Wilson said. “In boarding school I was the author of the lads, because the boys’ school was next door. We had bars on the windows: it was that kind of school for good Christians.”

He added: “I locked a teacher in the closet once for four hours … she was a bad teacher! It was good revenge.”

Wilson explained that she told her teacher to look in the closet, before she pushed away and the door closed.

“I know it’s kind of bad … I feel kind of bad right now,” Wilson said, adding, “she cried. She couldn’t tell which girl pushed her, so they put up us and it was like, ‘What? what was it?’ … then no one chased me “.

Last month, Wilson hosted the BAFTA film awards, where Jane Campion’s The Power of the Dog won the top prize for best film.

Wilson’s next film is the Netflix comedy Senior Year, in which she plays a high school cheerleader who falls into a coma before her prom only to wake up 20 years later. The film also stars Justin Hartley (Smallville), Sam Richardson (Veep), and Zoe Chao (The Afterparty).

The Senior Year will be broadcast on Netflix on May 13, 2022.


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