‘Rainbow Six Siege’ Update adds Emerald Plains Map

The Y7 S1.2 Rainbow Six Siege update will be released today (April 19), featuring a new map, balance changes, and more.

Prior to the release of the update, Ubisoft has released patch notes outlining what players can expect from Year 7 Season 1. The highlight is the release of the latest map, called Emerald Plains, with games finally ranked, Unranked, Quick, Team Deathmatch, Newcomer, and PvE Lone Wolf.

Emerald Plains is a large house, which was only available on the game’s public test server for a short time, and is located in Ireland with a series of rooms decorated in modern and traditional styles.

This is the first map added to Rainbow Six Siege since March 2019; the final time was Year 4 Season 1, which introduced Operation Burnt Horizon and showed off Australia’s desert map, Outback.

Along with the new map, players can also expect changes in operator balance for Bandit, Blackbeard, Traffic Jam, and many more. For a bandit, it can now attach multiple batteries to the same surface or device, and Blackbeard’s break charges have been removed and the Claymore replaced.

In terms of gameplay tweaks and enhancements, the developer has added a slideshow slider to consoles including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S. However, it is important to note that fixing the slide above 60 may result in lower frame rates and graphical issues. The Outback map was also removed from the newbie playlist.

Rainbow Six Siege Season 7 introduced the new Azami Operator, a protector capable of fixing damage in map environments. It also added the much-needed permanent Team Deathmatch mode.

In other news, community legend Ring of Eden and speedrunner Let Me Solo Her is now summoning the early spirit of a game thanks to a new mod.


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