Ragna Crimson Anime To Be Animated By Silver Link Gets Visual Teaser

The previously announced Ragna Crimson animation will be animated by Silver Link Studios, and a visual teaser was released to celebrate the announcement. You can check out:

Ragna Crimson Anime Preview
Ragna Crimson – Anime Visual Teaser

The anime is set to premiere in 2023, although no staff and cast members have been announced yet. During HIDIVE’s Anime Expo panel, Sentai Filmworks announced that it will be licensing the series outside of Asia.

Ragna Crimson is based on a 2017 dark fantasy manga written and illustrated by Daiki Kobayashi. She has been serialized in Square Enix’s Monthly Gangan Joker since March 2017. In March, it was announced that the manga was approaching its “final arc”.

The manga is licensed in North America by Manga and books for Square Enix imprint describing the plot as:
Dragon Hunters: Warriors armed with special silver weapons who slay their prey for a reward. Low among their ranks is Ragna, who forms an unlikely partnership with the young genius Leonica, a master dragon slayer with more kills than almost anyone else. All Ragna wants is to stay by Leonica’s side, but his dream is shattered by an attack from the deadliest dragon imaginable…

You can watch a promotional video for Ragna Crimson manga here:

Promotional video for the Ragna Crimson manga

source: Official Twitter
©Daiki Kobayashi/SQUARE ENIX/Ragna Crimson Production Committee

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