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Rachel Zegler says comment on Ansel Elgort ‘s alleged sexual assault is’ wild disappointment’

Rachel Zegler has said she was “deeply disappointed” to have been questioned about allegations made against her West Side Story co-star Ansel Elgort during her press tour.

The actor, who played Maria opposite Tony Elgort in a recent interview with ELLE, described it as a “real punch” to respond to the actions of an “adult man who can speak for himself”.

Ansel Elgort was charged in June 2020 with sexually assaulting a girl in 2014, when she was reported to be 17 and 20 years old.

Elgort denied the allegations, saying he had “never and never assaulted anyone” and claimed he had “a short, legal, fully consensual relationship.”

“I went back to this brain space where I was [en] June 2020, when the allegation came to light, “Zegler said, referring to the press tour in which he was asked to comment.

“We were in the middle of the first wave of locking, and there was nothing to do but doomscroll. Those days were some of the worst mental health days I have ever had.

“I was sitting there when I was just 19, on the verge of the biggest point of my life, and I was being held accountable. [por el público] allegations that I was not only involved with, but made about a case that was said to have happened [cinco] years before I met and worked with this person. “

The actor went on to say that there is “inherent discomfort” when he realizes that many people believe that one can speak for “an adult man who can speak for himself.”

Zegler later expressed her disappointment, saying she believed she came from the place of people who had no regard for their own feelings.

“In the grand scheme of things with this woman who came up with these allegations, I can’t imagine what she had to do,” he continued. “If I’m sitting here thinking those days were traumatic for me, I can’t pretend to know. I never knew. I have nothing to do with this conversation really, and I do. looking forward to putting it behind me. “

West Side Story, on the other hand, was a little disappointed at the box office at the US, earning $ 4.1m (£ 3.5m) on its opening day.


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