Pusha T Confirms He’s Cut All Ties With Kanye West’s GOOD Music




		Pusha T Confirms He's Cut All Ties With Kanye West's GOOD Music

Pusha T has publicly cut ties with Kanye West’s former label GOOD Music, which he first joined in 2010 and remained with until the release of his Grammy-nominated 2022 album, “It’s almost Dry.”

In 2015, Pusha became the president of GOOD, but in a new interview with XXL, he confirmed that his association with the label had split following West’s open descent into anti-Semitism. Parent record label Def Jam ended its business relationship with GOOD at the end of October and clarified that its working relationship with West will end in 2021. Pusha now shares a 50/50 contract directly with Def Jam for his music and has under his own label, Heir Wave Music Group.

The rapper told the publication that he hadn’t spoken to West since expressing his disappointment in an interview in November: “I was still on tour. I let myself know. I let him know a lot. He tell me what he thought,” he said, “and hung up the phone saying, ‘Thank you. I know you don’t agree with me, but you never kill me in public. And there are people who are willing to do it.'”

When asked about West’s appearances on far-right shows and podcasts, he replied that he “didn’t get anything around him. It is wrong. Period. But for me, it’s just me and him having a difference of opinion again.” “.

And he continued: “If you’re not with it, you’re not down. And I don’t agree. I’m not going to give in. I don’t agree. I heard about this new thing. [en “Infowars”]. I do not know. It’s something that tells me it’s not right, at the same time. I’m going to say that. He’s going to places where there’s no way to move.”

He recalled dealing with West in 2016 after he publicly endorsed Donald Trump’s presidential campaign: “People have to remember that, too. This is not new to me, when it comes to disagreeing with him politically and things like that.

“Remember, I’m the one who said the MAGA hat is the new Klu Klux Klan hood, while on my album,” he continued. “He’s beefing up with Obama. I met Obama. But it’s the same with him and the Drake thing. I’m going through this and that, he’s doing shows [con Drake]”, he explained.

Pusha first appeared on West’s album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” on the track “Runaway,” and later executive produced Pusha’s solo albums, including releases like 2013’s “My Name is My Name” and ” Daytona” 2018 on the former Clipse rapper. latest effort, “It’s Almost Dry,” West produced half of the record, and Pharrell Williams, another longtime Pusha collaborator, produced the other half.

“[West] You know I will do whatever I have to do and I want to do. For anything that compromises my appearance, my pride, whatever. He knows that,” Pusha continued, “he knows that he can’t talk to me from any ledge. You can’t do it. He knows. I’m too proud to ask someone not to move in a certain way. I don’t do it. But I’m going to react like Coo Coo Cal the fuck I want when I feel that something is not going in my favor. That’s how it is, man.”

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