‘Psychonauts 2’ is the ‘best selling game’ by developer Double Fine

Psychonauts 2 has been confirmed as the “highest rated and best selling game to date” by Double Fine Production.

That’s what the studio’s artistic director, Lisette Titre-Montgomery, says in a Twitter thread (April 29) announcing her departure from the studio. The original Psychonauts was the studio’s best – selling title to date, at 1.7 million copies, making the sequel probably closer to 2 million (thanks, TheGamer).

“April Fools’ Day was my last day at Double Fine. I’ve learned a lot over the last four years. [más] about who I am as a leader and what it means to be a creative visionary, “Titre – Montgomery said in a tweet.

“Thank you for trusting me to bring Psychonauts 2 to life.”

Psychonauts 2 received critical acclaim and fans when it was released in August 2021.

“Double Fine follows a cult classic with a blockbuster brimming with empathy,” Jordan Oloman wrote in an NME review of the game.

Oloman also praised Double Fine for dealing with complex mental health issues with sensitivity: “Psychonauts 2 carefully came to me from the experience with a whole heart.”

Double Fine also won Best Game Development Studio at the 2022 NME BandLab Awards.

“This is a very special award because it pays homage to not one individual or discipline, but the entire Double Fine team,” Double Fine Production studio head Tim Schafer said in a statement.

TheGamer also notes that it’s rare to see Microsoft’s first – party sales figures, but raises questions about what Titre-Montgomery means “best-selling,” as it does not distinguish between physical and digital copies sold of downloads through Xbox Game Pass. .

Double Fine is also reportedly working on a number of new projects, including the Mac and Linux ports of Psychonauts 2, as well as making a “massive” documentary.

In other news, the upcoming dystopian feline adventure game at BlueTwelve Studio on Stray has been delayed until the summer of 2022.


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