Producers fear that a development program will steal their work

Earlier this year we reported that a Japanese software engineer “高坂 (@t_takasaka)” began the development of a program that generates anime-style illustrations based on a simple sketch made by the user. The developer made a new update on this application, and wrote:

  • «I’m experimenting with automatically generating illustrations, animations, and 3D models from a single sketch in real time. The shape, color and texture of the pieces can be changed using the UI sliders, and a random selection can be made. The system aims to help creative people, from creators to people who have never painted».

The video was shared on a popular traffic forum in Japan, where it prompted comments such as:

  • «It seems quite useful for creating original characters».
  • «Sometimes the advancement of technology is cruel to some, in this case, to artists».
  • «If the whole body can be generated later, you won’t need an illustrator in the future».
  • «Artificial intelligence should be an aid, not a substitute for humans».
  • «Great, the day will soon come when scum illustrators like me will be gone».
  • «Can’t this work in the animation industry?».
  • «What painters can not draw really want».
  • «Well, now I can also draw with my left hand».
  • «Fortunately those with a style outside of copy and paste will still have work but really this is terrible for those with such a typical style».
  • «Here they come! This program will take your jobs!».
  • «This is great, but what about all the time I spent learning to draw and the equipment/software I bought?».
  • «Experiment with automatic generation of diagrams, animations and 3D models in real time from a single sketch. You can change the shape, color and texture of the pieces with the sliders in the UI, and you can also choose them randomly…»
  • «And that’s how I’ll lose my job».
  • «Gradually artists will become an endangered species».

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