Prime Video alerts Bocchi the Rock! it’s violent’

the streaming platform Amazon Prime Video there has been a stir in Japan after the anime was listed”Bocchi the Rock!” with warnings about violent content, scary scenes and alcohol consumption, although none of these features are included in the series. As a result of this mistake, the topic became a trend among netizens and fueled controversy online.

“Bocchi the Rock!” It is an anime series that tells the story of a group of music school girls who form a rock band. The series is characterized by its humorous and light tone, focusing on the humorous situations that the characters face in their pursuit of success in the music industry. However, Amazon Prime Video inaccurately placed incorrect warning labels in the program description, leading to widespread confusion among users.

The Amazon Prime Video bug spread quickly on social media, with netizens expressing surprise and bewilderment at the inclusion of false warnings in “Bocchi the Rock!”. Many people pointed out how the platform made such an obvious mistake by providing incorrect information about the content of the series.

In addition, fans and followers of “Bocchi the Rock!” came to the series’ defense, arguing that erroneous warnings could negatively impact its reputation and harm its appeal to viewers. Some even claimed that this incident showed Amazon Prime Video’s lack of care and concern for the content they offer on their platform.

Wrong warning included in “Bocchi the Rock!” on Amazon Prime Video emphasizes the importance of curating accurate and responsible content. Users trust streaming platforms to provide accurate information about the programs and series they offer, and this incident highlights the need for more care and attention when labeling and classifying content available online.

However, despite everything, fans started crying by posting a frame from the series. Could that be why Amazon Prime Video described the series as “violent”, “scary” and “promotes alcohol consumption”?

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