Post Malone and Militarie Gun will perform ‘Do It Faster’ backstage

Footage was shared of Post Malone singing ‘Do It Faster’ from Militarie Gun backstage with the band. See below.

The moment happened backstage during the rapper’s If Y’all Weren’t Here, I’d Be Crying Tour, which is currently making stops across North America.

While audiences enjoy his covers of fan-favorites like “Sunflower,” “Chemical” and “Circles,” the rapper does some backstage covers, and he’s especially a fan of Militaria Gun, one of the stars of NME.

In the images shared on Twitter, Post Malone – whose real name is Austin Richard Post – can be seen joining the frontman of the American rock band for an impromptu performance of the band’s theme song “Do It Faster”.

The pair are caught bouncing to the song’s rhythm and shouting the lyrics “Push me up, push me out / Waste my time, waste my life / As I sit and wait for you / I don’t see, when he up to me / Why I was a stooge”. Watch the moment below.

The video has already caught the attention of fans of Militarie Gun and Post Malone, who have responded to the footage begging the two to get together.

“What collaboration?” wrote one, while others were excited to see the two together. “You know this shit’s going on when my boi spills his drink,” said another, while a third agreed, declaring the film “the hardest video on the internet.” More fan responses below.

Speaking to NME earlier this month, Militarie Gun explained how their sound grew and they used the pandemic to “weave it out”. They also recalled how much they liked the hardcore genre as musicians, and explained why they chose a less intense sound on their first album than some fans expected.

“Screaming is awesome, but not always what you want to hear,” Ian Shelton began to say. “Before, hardcore was just what I wanted at the time, to be able to go to concerts and scream with bands. That meant a lot to me when I was young.

And he continued: “Although people do not come the same as me, or from worse than me, I think that we are all [atrae] that emotional depth. You’re not just looking for music to keep you going, but other people.”

Drummer Vince Nguyen agrees, adding: “Hardcore is very youth-oriented and cathartic in a way that everyone can relate to, because it’s less about aesthetics and more about energy. Whether you someone who takes an active part as if it were his direct observation, he feels involved and feels part of something that is bigger than him”.

As for Post Malone, earlier this year the rapper shared his latest single ‘Mourning’. The melancholic song serves as the second lead from the rapper and singer-songwriter’s fifth studio album, “Austin,” which is due out July 28 via Mercury / Republic.

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