Pornhub reports an increased search for ‘elves’ around Christmas

The popular adult video platform Pornhub The main search terms revealed by people this Christmas, with holidays rising by 400 per cent. Songs as »Santa's babyThey have given Santa Claus a sexual twist over the years and the spotlight has fallen on Mrs Claus during the festival. This year, the “Claus (Mrs. Claus)“At the top of the list, according to published figures Pornhub, with an increase of 401%.

However, the popularity of the “Claus (Mrs. Claus)The porn community has declined since the peak in 2018. Santa was the second most searched term on the site, with a 374 percent increase. Other Common Search Terms »Elf (Elf)“Y”XXXMas“, as well as”Elf Hentai (Elfas Hentai)Hentai porn is now the most searched term on the worldwide porn site, ranking first in the United States and third in the United Kingdom.

The word is used to describe adult anime and manga content, of which hundreds of thousands are hosted on the platform. «Cartoons are more amazing than normal porn», Says the doctor Betito will speak, director of the Pornhub Center for Sexual Wellbeing. «Because it's not true, it can go further, with fewer limitations than reality offerings (…) Hentai porn tends to have more of a plot and seems to attract more and more people in context», He said. It was the second most searched term of the year “RomanceData from last year show that American viewers visit the largest site, followed by the UK and Japan.

Fountain: The New York Post

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