Popular VTuber Hina Misora ​​​​was doxed by her own agency

Hina Misora He was a member of a Virtual YouTuber (VTuber) of the second generation of talent from WACTOR and whose mother tongue was Japanese, but who had achieved a good level of Spanish after starting to practice five years before entering the industry.

On December 4, 2022, Hina Misora held its last official live broadcast, and WACTOR reported on December 8 that the person behind the VTuber was ill and would be suspending activities. Misora ​​later reported that she had been diagnosed with gastritis nervosa and was mentally unstable, asking her fans to stay with her.

Hina Misora She remained active on Twitter, commenting on the biggest events of the day, and posted a scheduled video on YouTube around Christmas and New Year. His activity on social networks would also end on January 3, 2023. If she is already active in all her media, why are we talking about her today?

It turns out that someone from WACTOR shared through the Twitter account of Hina Misora statement stating that the person behind the character was no longer part of the company and denying anything she did after that. The statement read:

  • «This decision was taken in light of the violations and ongoing violations of the commercial contract signed between the parties, violation of the norms and rules of the firm, having an irresponsible action, contrary to all rules of ethics and confidentiality causing economic and moral damages , which will be initiated by the firm WACTOR Co. LTD legal and judicial actions against him».

But a statement announcing the departure of a member would not be relevant at this time, especially given that WACTOR he has lost more than one limb in recent months. It turns out that In the statement, they exposed the VTuber’s personal information to thousands of people, including his full name and ID card in his home country of Paraguay.. Of course for the screenshots in this article we have censored the mentioned parts, but that doesn’t help much, after all, they are available on the official VTuber Twitter account.

The act of revealing a VTuber’s personal information is one of the most unfortunate acts within the industry, because for a streamer like this, anonymity is their most valuable asset. the person behind it Hina Misora he will have to tread carefully, as almost all of his fans now know who he is.

The unfortunate fact drew criticism from fans, highlighting that:

  • «WACTOR, you are fucking shit. I hope your department goes to hell and you go bankrupt».
  • «WACTOR is a bad company that does not deserve anyone’s support. This is equivalent to revealing your full name, city and social security number in the United States.».
  • «You are completely despicable. This should be illegal».
  • «This is screwed, revealing the name of one of your talents and its wrong location. The purpose of being a VTuber is so that no one knows who you are. WACTOR has shit».
  • «I went back to Twitter just to tell WACTOR to go eat shit. Have a lot of mother and professionalism, this is complete bullshit».
  • «In this way WACTOR calls out without being supported. This company is crap. I hope the girl is doing well».
  • «I’m not surprised she left this crap company. I will never support WACTOR again anyway».
  • «This is the straw that broke the camel’s back. After Hina Misora’s departure, the CEO today uses the account she used to dox and even give her name and origin».
  • «I thought the contract made it clear that personal information given to the company was completely private».
  • «Bro, but what the fuck up with WACTOR and doxing his former members? Are they not a serious company or what? Is he leading some brats tantrum?».

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