Popular cosplayer Enako has starred in more than 70 magazines this year in Japan

The popular cosplayer EnakoThe 27-year-old updated her official Twitter account on Dec. 29 and revealed the number of magazines she featured on the cover over the past year. Enako Wrote: “I counted the covers I made this year, 2021 … and I've done over seventy! After seventy covers it may be a new record in the history of gravure modeling!». And he said: «Many thanks to the editorial staff I hired and to the fans who bought the magazines I was involved with! I will keep doing my best next year».

Fans, however, told him that it probably did not include other types of releases such as photo albums and other sessions that were not included on the covers of the magazines, which were Enako replied: “If we go beyond the magazines that I only covered in, they would surpass a hundred issues!». His post was filled with comments like: «70 iris! Great achievement!»,«It's great that you have such a large number!“Y”Even five or six entries a month are already very rare, you could even break a new Record Guinness if any were registered!»

However, it should be noted that Enako She had previously stated that she was not cutting off her modeling appearances for magazine covers, as she viewed them as a promotion from the publisher and herself. Excerpt from the article in which he mentioned this he wrote: «This year, Japan's most popular cosplayer has appeared in stores nationwide as Enako decided to refuse any payment for the photos on the magazine's cover, as she considers the photos to be a promotion of her own work and that of the magazine itself, and believes that the partnership is in the interests of both parties.. And from the news that its revenue has doubled this year, the strategy seems to be paying off.».

Fountain: Yahoo! Japan News

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