Popular columnist still believes anime is ‘satanic’

The far-right podcaster and self-styled “theocratic fascist”. walsh matte after again drawing attention to his deliberately scandalous comments, this time saying that the anime is “satanic” and admitting that there is no basis for that observation. Walsh benefited from his position in the conservative life of Conradh na Gaeilge Ben Shapiro, TheDailyWire, to complain about any scandal that arises in the eternal media culture war.

Whether claiming that there is no scientific basis for a fictional black mermaid or saying that the Great Replacement racial theory is “just a fact,” Walsh’s perpetual grievance and occasional bigotry remain a feature of his comments. In a clip first shared by Jason Campbell of Media CoursesA viewer asked Walsh for his thoughts on the anime. And just as he had done before with the things he despised, Walsh immediately associated him with Satan.

«They are very popular among teenagers and young people. I think everything is satanic», he declared before noting that he had no evidence to support that claim. «I have no argument in his favor. I have no argument why it is satanicWalsh added. «It seems exactly like that to me. All anime seems strange to me, like weird, creepy».

The Daily Wire founder and self-help guru who appeared to proclaim that adults shouldn’t watch movies or animated series has been fired. «In general, I don’t think adults should – be it anime or any other kind of cartoon, with rare exceptions – adults shouldn’t watch cartoons in general, I’d say», he declared.

After a clip of his satanic anime claims went viral on social media, Walsh took to Twitter to poke fun at the fact that Media Matters always “emphasizes my most important opinion” before you “defend” it. troll with your comments. «I am getting some criticism because I said that anime is satanic», he tweeted. «I want to make it clear that, it is literally the result of demonic possession in more than 87 percent of cases, studies show.».

Of course, Walsh doesn’t actually believe that anime leads to demon possession or that such studies exist, but it’s another example of how he’s gotten off the media by shouting in the simplistic, often hateful commentary, but always self-deprecating. , before stating that he was trolling liberals all along.

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