PlayStation developers will have to create timed game trials for PS Plus Premium

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced its plans to developers for timed game trials for its PlayStation Plus Premium service.

As reported by Game Developer, sources have stated in the publication that developers creating games costing £ 26.93 ($ 34) or more will be required to create time – limited play trials and should last approximately twice a week. hours. This also equates to 33 euros in Europe and ¥ 4,000 in Japan.

Games that cost less than this specific amount for the PlayStation Plus Premium service will not require a temporary trial.

According to the report, “many developers were informed of the new policy by updating Sony’s developer portal,” and sources indicated that they had “received no further communication about this change.”

However, this new policy does not apply to upcoming PlayStation VR titles, instead developers will have up to three months after launching their games on the PlayStation Store to release their timed trial.

As well as timing testing, Sony is also open to developers releasing a custom game demo instead, but it would have to be approved on a “case by case” basis.

In March, Sony unveiled the PlayStation Plus rebrand, which consists of three series. These series include Essential Premium, Plus Extra and Plus, which cost £ 6.99 per month, £ 10.99 per month and £ 13.49 per month. Each set will also have quarterly and annual prices for users to choose from.

Last week, the company officially announced the launch of the new PlayStation Plus subscription service worldwide starting in May. According to its website, Asia will be the first to receive the service, May 23, with a launch expected in Japan on June 1, America on June 13 and Europe on June 22.

In other news, it is reported that Netflix will be offering almost 50 mobile games as part of its subscription service by the end of 2022.


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