Phoenix: Eden17 Anime Releases Announces Additional Cast, New Movie Version

Osamu Tezuka’s new anime adaptation Phoenix manga with title Phoenix: Paradise 17 announced new details about additional cast members. The release will have two versions: film and TV anime; the two will have different endings. The movie titled Phoenix: Memory of a Flower will be released in Japan on November 11th.

Phoenix: Memory of a Flower – Teaser trailer

The Phoenix: Paradise 17 the anime will be released exclusively on Disney+ on September 13 worldwide. Additional cast members include:

  • Honoka Yoshida as Com
  • Yosuke Kubozuka as George
  • Rie Miyazawa as Romi
  • Isi Ogata as Sudarban

Studio 4C animated both the anime series and the film adaptation, with Shojiro Nishimi directing them. Other staff members include Tatsuzou Nishida as character designer and chief animation director, Shinji Kimura as art director, Akiko Saito as technical line director and CGI director, and Kengo Shigemura for editing.

Phoenix Eden17 anime
Phoenix: Memory of a Flower – Visual teaser

The new anime adaptations are from Osamu Tezuka’s unfinished manga series Phoenix. The series has a total of 12 volumes and each tells a separate story set in a different era. It was originally serialized from 1954 to 1988 in numerous magazines. The story was never completed as Osamu Tezuka died in 1989 due to stomach cancer. He is a famous author, known for many works, includingAstro Boy,Dororo,Black Jack, and more. He played a key role in the popularization of manga and is often referred to as the “godfather of manga”.

Viz Mediapublished all volumes in English. The licensor describes the plot as:
With a grand historical sweep, this stand-alone opening volume of Osamu Tezuka’s acclaimed Phoenix Saga is an epic tale of the human spirit in a time of chaos and war, where would-be warrior Nagi and his team battle against the elements, invaders and history itself.

source: Official site
©️Osamu Tezuka

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