Overlord fans are worried about ‘bad adaptation’ this season

With the second episode, the fourth season of the anime adaptation of the franchise lord revealed its opening sequence, featuring the theme song “HOLLOW ORAS” illustrated by OxT. Moreover some fans qualify it as “the weakest of the four“, Others have expressed concern about the fact that scenes from far back in history are depicted.

In short, the opening sequence shows scenes from the fourteenth volume lordfor example the appearance of Dragon lord platinum and the fight between albedo Y Azuth Andrew. It should be noted that this fourth season began by adapting the tenth volume, and that the film (which has no release date) will adapt the arc covering the twelfth and thirteenth volumes. The concern of the fans then is that they could skip from the eleventh to the fourteenth season in this fourth season, changing the timeline.

This has been discussed within the Reddit community lordas a fan said:

  • «Oh shit, it’s true. Those were undoubtedly scenes from the fourteenth volume. Dammit. Ah well I’ll be glad to get the fourth season».
  • «I heard someone talking that they could skip volume 12-13, ie the “War in the Holy Kingdom? So is that true? Because I haven’t seen much of that in the open…»
  • [En respuesta a lo anterior] «You’re right. On the 12th and 13th they will be in a movie that will come out after the anime. I hope they don’t try to rewrite the Overlord timeline».
  • «On one hand, I think this opening is a blast and I’m really interested to see if they can really pull this off. On the other hand, I don’t understand why everything wouldn’t be adapted normally. This season could have easily covered two volumes, but now they want to include volume 14 content as well? I’ll wait and see how this goes because I want this to work but I’m pretty worried».
  • «The simplest reason is that they will make a fifth season of Overlord, although it may not seem like it. Volume 10 is full to fill and prepare for the upcoming events.so it can easily be done in 3 episodes and since episode 2 just finished and all that’s really left is the arena game, that’s my guess. Volume 11 is more or less the same, not having much to do with that volume up to this point in the booksso aside from a few scenes that will be good action and fight scenes, a lot of that book can be cut or streamlined and still be good. Volumes 12-13 need to be done together to make sense of the movie, the only question is how long it will be, although I think some things can be cut from the story and still be correct great, I’d love to see the full version. arc unfold and lively. I think volume 14 will be most of the season because the bits that I thought could be cut and the story still makes sense are shown in the opening so it’s obvious they’re going to animate it so I don’t ‘ would be surprised if this had about 5 episodes of its own».
  • «I understand that many people are crazy about adding volume 14, but all last seasons adapted 3 volumes each. The pacing should work perfectly assuming they give volume 14 a few more episodessince he is the big one».
  • «The problem is that “10. Sovereign of the Conspiracy” and “11. Bridge Craftsmen” are too “thin” to lie on their own. What’s “interesting” about those two books is the world building and character development, but the world building isn’t “told” in the animation, it’s conveyed through cutscenes and details, because you can’t do it to drop a character on length. showing that there was no dialogue in the books. If we strip away the world building and internal dialogue about characters that aren’t really relevant or can be shown rather than told, like Philip constantly proving how dumb he is, we will have to “10. King of Conspiracy” is a set chapter with an action piece at the end, and “11. The Dwarven CraftsmenIt’s a “side story” with character development and action set pieces. So we have a build up with an interlude, we have our end like that. But unfortunately, our end of configuration “10. High King of Conspiracy” is “14. Witch of the Fallen Kingdom”, with a large “side-story” arc between them called “12/13. Paladin of the Holy Realm.” Without showing what happened in the Holy Kingdom although the characters occasionally mention the disastrous events and how the Sorcerous Kingdom helps them, it is all the story Philip needs to justify the invasion. The film can act as a “retrospective” of those events, without the need to change the order».
  • «Well, at least the “Anime only” will be able to claim that they are almost up to date with the novels…»

Summary of Overlord

Yggdrasil is a virtual reality game known for the freedom it offers its players. After a simple tutorial, players can explore the world and customize anything from their classes to their weapons. However, in the year 2138, the game sees its final hours when its servers go down at midnight. Momonga, a dedicated Yggdrasil player, decides to spend the final hours of the game inside his Guild, Ainz Ooal Gown. Interestingly enough, at the stroke of midnight, the game does not disconnect it. Instead, Momonga is transported to another world, a world similar to that of Yggdrasil. Facing an already unusual situation, he discovers that the NPCs have understood. Trapped in the skeletal body of his avatar and desperate to discover the cause of his difficulty and find other players like him, Momonga seeks to take control of the new world with the help of his loyal subjects.

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