Our Last Crusade or Rise of the New World Season 2 Postponed to 2024

Season 2 of Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World has been pushed back to 2024. The official announcement did not state why, but confirmed that the sequel is currently in production. The studio has not yet been announced.

The first season of the anime aired in 2020. It had 12 episodes and was animated by Silver Link Studio and directed by Shin Onuma. The latest news regarding the anime series came out in August 2022. It was a special trailer featuring scenes from the first season and the premiere date of the sequel in 2023.

Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New Worldis a light novel series written by Kei Sazane and illustrated by Ao Nekonabe. Commences serialization in 2017.Yen Presslicensed the light novel and described the series as:

Love is a battlefield
For years, a great war has been raging between the scientifically advanced Empire and the witches’ paradise known as the Sovereignty of Nebulis. This age-old battle sets the scene for a fateful encounter between two young warriors: an imperial swordsman, Iska, and the witch princess, Alicelyse. As sworn enemies, they vow to kill each other to unite their worlds, yet Isca finds himself charmed by her beauty and righteousness, while Alicelise is moved by his strength and determination. In the middle of an endless war that forbids them from being together, they have no choice but to destroy each other – or can they find another way?

source: Official site
©2020 Kei Sazane, Ao Nekonabe/KADOKAWA/Kimi Sen Production Committee

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