Our KudaLive VTubers already has YouTube and TikTok channels!

Did you already know that we have a Virtual YouTubers (VTubers) project? It’s called KudaLive! And in this article we want to tell you that the YouTube and TikTok channels for our first two talents are finally open: Lina Vermilion Y Kotori Hikari. In these ways we will share video clips and some other things of interest from our girls, who will be happy to read your comments and support.

Lina Vermilion

  • I was born a single killer in a field where only rabbits live. She was considered the number 1 idol in those lands. But after an unfortunate accident I was transferred to another universe… Where now, I have to start from the beginning! My name is Lina Vermillion! I can finally meet you! Can I count on your support?

Kotori Hikari

  • My name is Kotori Hikari, the last Phoenix of my planet. With my magic clock we came to planet earth to start the search for my own. And you are warmly invited to the start of this great adventure! There will be horror games of all kinds, karaoke, live dubbing, stories, love office, ASMR and much more. I hope you smile and have a fun time, as this Phoenix only shines to brighten your day!

Don’t forget that you can learn more about our KudaLive project, as well as more about our talents on our new official site, available at this link!

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