Otakus recreate Oshi no Ko’s death at a school festival

The work of akasaka, Oshi no Kohas become an ongoing trend worldwide since the anime adaptation premiered in the spring of this year. Beginning as a story where the idol Ai Hoshino tries to hide her twin sons from the public. (who are actually reincarnations of two of his followers), it takes an unexpected turn when Ai is murdered by a stalker who felt “betrayed” when he found out she had children.

Therefore, Oshi no Ko becomes a story of drama and mystery, since Aqua, the male twin, is the main character and the manga follows his entire path in the entertainment industry, and his life’s mission is to be the murderer of his mother who find and punish. Ai Hoshino’s death scene is definitely one of the scariest moments in anime this year, and that’s evident recently.

A video has recently become a trend on Twitter, rather A group of students in Taiwan presented a school play that recreates the murder of Ai Hoshino in Oshi no Ko, along with some dance elements. This shows the huge international popularity of the series, as even outside of Japan, fans are willing to put in the time and effort to celebrate this story.

Fans seem to be finding new and creative ways to express their love for the work, reflecting the profound impact it has had on Asian society. However, some have criticized the lack of expressiveness of the students, who do not seem to be doing their best with their interpretations. Despite the criticism, Oshi no Ko is a testament to the series’ lasting impact on popular culture that inspires so many fans around the world.

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