Otakus harassed the director of Jujutsu Kaisen

Download the fifth episode of the second season Kaisen jujutsu it served as the conclusion of theHidden Inventory/Untimely Death Arc“, before the beginning of the”Shibuya Incident Arcade“. Although this fifth episode came as a surprise with a dramatic development that ended with the breakup of the friendship between Satoru Gojo and Suguru Geto, it seems that many people were not impressed and noticed something special in this episode : the animation and style were different.

Many fans refused to believe this, perhaps blinded by their fanaticism towards the franchise, but others were able to look and simply by comparing the latest episode with the previous one, it you can tell a pretty clear difference.. We can even review some comments about:

  • «Is it just me or do I feel like this episode had very different animation?».
  • «I really liked the direction of this episode, and while the animation was weak at times, the story definitely made up for the visual gaps.».
  • «The animation and art style seems to change almost every episode, personally I’m the biggest fan of the animation and art style of episode 4 of this season. Season 1 also had some art style changes every few episodes.».
  • «Considering the amount of money they invested in making the first four superstar episodes, it makes sense that they would have made this one through another studio. The animation looks much more rushed and less detailed, for sure».
  • «Jujutsu Kaisen fanboys downvote any criticism, but it was definitely an anime worse than the previous episodes. I don’t think it really took away from it, the good scenes had pretty good animation».
  • «Have they already run out of budget? OMG the animation quality has gone down a lot».
  • «Although I really liked this episode, I understand the criticism. I’ve seen somewhere that this episode was mostly drawn over 3DCGI and outsourced to save the budget. The animation was the same as always, but I think you are referring to the inconsistency of the pencil art and designs, which also seemed rushed and a little cheap at times to me, and it was very clear. But I loved the direction this week, which can make or break people, so the art part didn’t bother me much.».
  • «Now, the whole episode was pretty bad with the character animation looking meh. Is this so hard to admit (you can literally watch any other episode and notice it)? I said the episode is still great but they shouldn’t lower the animation quality of the other episodes».

Anyway, we’re not meeting today to talk about the quality of the latest episode of Jujutsu Kaisen, but a case involving Takuya Niinuma, a freelancer who was in charge of the animation direction of this episode.. In case you are wondering, the criticism was not exclusive to the West, but the comment forums in Japan also mentioned this, and much more on social networks.

It seems that the animation director was on the lookout for criticism, as netizens discovered that he had shared a post from someone else who wrote: “I notice from time to time that many people use their love of franchise to justify their attacks on the people who work for them, but I think that is wrong.».

The fifth episode of the second season was definitely a hint to Jujutsu Kaisen fans who were criticizing his work. Others went further and even checked his followers, finding that he was a fan of much of the Chainsaw Man production team, which became further fuel for criticism. It should be remembered that no matter how popular a franchise is anywhere in the world, there will always be a group of anti-fans.

It seems the animation director was under enough pressure to delete his account and wait for the bullying to stop. As of this writing, he has already reactivated his account, but seems to have deleted a lot of recent posts and dislikes a lot. While it is understandable that animation is not to the taste of all viewers, it is incomprehensible to harass the production team in this way.

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