Otaku arrested for hitting patrol cars in Japan

A man in his 20s from Aichi Prefecture was urgently detained by the Metropolitan Police Department in Japan after repeatedly crashing into a police car and being disabled while fleeing a traffic accident in the Setagaya district of Tokyo. The man, who was in his 20s and his occupation is unknown, was arrested on suspicion of obstructing the performance of a public duty.

According to the Metropolitan Police report, while the man was driving his car, he collided with two other vehicles on a street in the Setagaya area, but then started his car and fled the scene. However, when a police car chased him, he reversed his car again and hit it, making the police car inaccessible, and then fled. About thirty minutes after the accident involving the two cars, motorcycle police found the man on Izumi street, Suginami district.

​​​​​​Such a situation would not be a trend in the comment forums, but it turned out that netizens managed to identify the matter as “Ryota Fukaya“, and with that they managed to find his Twitter account. They found out then that he is a fan of the Conradh na Gaeilge franchise Uma Musume: Pretty Derby and avid gamer of the franchise car theft.

This drew a variety of comments:

  • «Definitely a dangerous man.».
  • «How did they manage to find this man?».
  • «I think he was referring to Grand Theft Auto».
  • «Hitting a police car multiple times is great».
  • «If you crash your own car, you don’t want to be in motorsport.».
  • «Even in the photos before this one, the rear bumper and taillights are removed so it looks pretty much built.».
  • «Not surprisingly, he’s playing Grand Theft Auto all over the place.».
  • «I want them to shoot it like they do in the United States».
  • «Is it a valuable car? I don’t know but it looks old».
  • «Grand Theft Auto, but in real life».

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