Oshi no Ko: This Kana Arima cosplayer went viral

Inside the popular franchise story Oshi no KoKana Arima is one of the main characters and one of the protagonist’s romantic interests, Aqua Hoshino. He was a great child actor in the past, Kana tries to regain her popularity by being in the middle of the idol group B-Komachi.

Despite her talent, over time she started getting fewer jobs due to being difficult to work with, which led to her having serious self-esteem issues and even changing her acting style to survive in the industry. However, after meeting Aqua and Ruby again and being recruited to B-Komachi, as well as her rivalry with fellow actress Akane Kurokawa, she began to regain her former self-confidence and discard the connections she had made.

During her decline in popularity, Kana Arima had to take embarrassing jobs (considering her big productions in the past). One of these works was the “Pepper Workout”, known as the “Baile del Pimiento Morrón” in Spanish. The song she did for this dance hit the Oricon charts in Japan (in the story, not in real life), but Kana Arima really hates peppers.

With the context we can move on to what brings us together today. It turns out that a video went wildly viral on Instagram, as it depicts a talent competition held in Indonesia last month. During this event, titled “Malang Food Festival Part 4“, a small participant arranged the mentioned dance Oshi no Ko.

It’s definitely a pretty simple video, but considering the popularity of Oshi no Ko, it was clear that this recording would be an instant trend on social networks. While many comments praised the little girl’s cosplay and her portrayal of Kana Arima’s cosplay, others wondered if the girl knows what she is doing and the character she is portraying, assuming that Oshi no Ko is a seinen work, that is, for adults.

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