Oshi no Ko: The Japanese loved this Ai Hoshino cosplayer

Chinese model “Kitaro (綺太郎)” has attracted the attention of fans and social networks after participating in the latest edition of Comiket in Japan. In this flagship event for fans of anime and pop culture, the cosplayer presented an amazing cosplay of the character. Ai Hoshino from the popular franchiseOshi no Ko“. Her powerful portrayal of the character captured the essence of Ai Hoshino and left a lasting impression on those in attendance.

Comiket, short for “Comic Market”, is a large-scale event that brings together fans of manga, anime, video games and pop culture in general. It is known as a showcase of creativity and performance, where cosplayers play a central role in bringing their favorite characters from entertainment media to life. The presence of cosplayers such as “Kitaro (綺太郎)” adds a special touch to the convention, allowing attendees to look up in detail at the meticulousness and dedication that goes into each costume.

The cosplay of “Kitaro (綺太郎)” as Ai Hoshino has generated a stir due to his attention to detail and ability to capture the essence of the character. Ai Hoshino, who is part of the “Oshi no Ko” franchise, is described as a beautiful girl with gradient eyes from purple to pink, with a six-pointed star in each of her eyes. His hair goes from a reddish-brown hue at first to a more blue-purple color later. Her idol outfit has a pink aesthetic with lighter and darker tones. The design of her clothes is usually wavy and ruffled. Various accessories complete her design, including three blue stars on her chest, a heart-shaped necklace around her neck, and a rabbit hair clip enhanced by two gold stars and a pink ribbon.

When “Kitaro (綺太郎)” returned to Comiket after a three and a half year absence, his participation was even greater. Fans took to social media to praise her work and her precise portrayal and commitment to characterization.

At Comiket, cosplayers are a central part of the landscape, attracting the attention of photographers and attendees alike. These cosplay artists put in the time and effort to transform the characters they love, and their presence at the convention enriches the experience for all attendees. “Kitaro (綺太郎)” is just one example of how the cosplayers add to the magic and fun of Comiket, where pop love is celebrated at its best.

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