Oshi no Ko Reveals B-Komachi Visual, Insert Song Video, and New Kana Illustration

Oshi no Ko anime has revealed a new preview that features all the members of the new B-Komachi group right after episode 9 aired in Japan. It features three members of the group: Ruby Hoshino, Kana Arima, and Mem-cho.

Oshi no Ko B-Komachi
B-Komachi preview of Oshi no Ko

Additionally, the anime’s official YouTube channel released the video for the song “Full Moon…!”, which can be heard at the end of the last episode. Kana Arima (Megumi Han) performed the song. Another video with an inserted song from Kana titled “Pieman Tyso”, was also uploaded.

“Full moon…!” by Kana Arima

Studio Doga Kobo (Shikimori is not just a cutie) animated the series. Character designer Kanna Hirayama(Girlfriend for rent) revealed a commemorative illustration of episode 9, which features the reflection of Kana Arima holding an umbrella.

Kana Hirayama’s illustration of Kana Arima from episode 9

Oshi no Ko the anime is available to streamHIDING,Ani-One Asia ULTRA,BilibiliandNetflix. Bilibili describes the plot of the series as follows:
In the entertainment industry, lies are the weapon. Every day, Goro, an obstetrician-gynecologist who works in a small town, leads a life that is not related to the entertainment business. But the idol Hoshino Ai that he “followed” began to climb the star list. Such two realized their worst-case scenario, and from that moment on, the wheels of fate began to turn.

Anime is one of the biggest trends this season. A few weeks ago, fans got a chance to see a video of bodybuilder Yokokawa dancing to Pieyon’s Boot Dance with Ruby Hoshino’s voice actress, Yuri Igoma.

source: Oshi no Ko Official Twitter, Kanna Hirayama on Twitter
© Akasaka Aka x Mengo Yokoyari / Shueisha / Oshi no Ko Production Committee

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