Oshi no Ko ‘not for everyone’, warns the author

On July 13, the artist Mengo Yokoyari mentioned that the manga is popular “Oshi no Ko“, in which he leads the illustrations, It is very popular among children and teenagers. Although she was happy to accept the manga in this demographic, she stated, “I will feel more comfortable if they read it under the supervision and in the company of their parents.».

The original manga of “Oshi no Ko” written by akasaka and illustrated by Mengo Yokoyariand it has been published in seinen demography magazine Young Jump of the Week. In the story, the main character is reincarnated as the son of a popular idol he also supported, but she is killed in front of his eyes and he begins to seek revenge.

In April this year,Oshi no Ko” was adapted into the anime, and after the final episode aired, the production of a second season was announced. The opening theme of the music, performed by the famous group YOASOBIalso became very popular.

In her post on July 13, Yokoyari mentioned that “Oshi no Ko” was becoming quite popular among children and teenagers, and she was very grateful to receive it. However, he wrote:The magazine is juvenile and contains some extremist descriptions even for its intended audience, so I think it would be safe for them to read it under the supervision and care of their parents.».

He said: “Basically, the art is pretty similar, but the content is very adult oriented, so I think it’s safe to wait until they’re old enough to pick up their own volume.». And finally he said: «I want to add those warnings to the headband. However, I feel very grateful to all of you».

Naturally, this strange situation attracted comments from fans in Japan:

  • «I love Mengo-sensei’s drawings, and in the past, “Retort Pouch!” it’s my favorite, but I have a feeling that a lot of his work is for adults».
  • «I love Kuzu no Honkai. Thank you very much».
  • «I think these things are very important. As in the case of “Kimetsu no Yaiba”, it’s safer to say something like that when the intended audience is different from what you originally intended.».
  • «Just in time, my daughter said she wanted to watch anime because idols are very popular in kindergarten, so I showed her YOASOBI’s song on Youtube… My son saw his friends watching it and didn’t he liked it».
  • «My daughter’s friend from kindergarten told me she was watching it… she wanted to watch anime too… I’ve read the original, so it’s out of the question for me, and the same for ” Kimetsu no Yaiba” , at least for older children. I just showed him the Aqua dance part. By the way, my son, who is in the sixth grade, was interesting and scary at the same time, a little too early for him.».
  • «Some children love it, others are sensitive to it, and even adults have a hard time with things they don’t like. It seemed pretty big to me. The drawings are cute so it’s easy to enter but you may have to be careful».
  • «I have a five-year-old son, and he seems to be popular at his kindergarten, so I was surprised when they asked, “Do you know Oshi no Ko?” I was surprised when he asked me if I knew about that franchise, but I realized that now everyone watches YouTube and stuff like that.».
  • «You can easily add subtitles to the anime if they don’t understand the language yet, but everyone forgets that it’s published in a seinen magazine in the first place. They are not works you should recommend to women and children».
  • «In the past the children read “Fist of the North Star” and “Dragon Ball”, what is the problem now?».

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