Opposition Censorship on Adult Content will go to Congress in Japan

Riyo Takahashicurrent director on FC2popular Japanese video hosting service, the third most popular hosting service in Japan (after YouTube and Niconico), and a web hosting company based in the Netherlands; he published a video announcing that taking part in the elections for the House of Councilors of Japan, which will be held on July 25.

These elections will elect 124 of the 245 members of that Chamber for a period of six years. Takahashi will run in the elections as one of the candidates Game NHKestablished in June 2013 with Takashi Tachibanaformer employee of the NHK, the country’s public broadcaster. The party’s ideology focuses on criticizing NHK’s TV canon and the government’s manipulation of the radio station towards public opinion, but Takahashi would also have other plans in mind.

Although the video does not explicitly refer to section 175 of the Criminal Code, the fact that it speaks of the crime of showing audiovisual media to adults and promises to end audiovisual mosaics suggests that it is a promise. indeed address the controversial and obsolete section.

The service was launched by brothers Takahiro and Riyo Takahashi FC2 in 1999 and have developed Internet services such as web pages and video mail sites. Police have uncovered the company’s streaming and video services in several cases, and Takahiro was arrested in 2015. In fact, Riyo himself is also widely wanted and is likely to be detained if he tries to enter Japan.

Riyo Takahashi explained: “I am where the police are after me. I have never stolen one piece of candy and have been accused of being completely false. If I committed an obvious crime, like injuring someone, I could recover, but I would not be locked up for years on a false charge.», Adding that he has decided to stand for election because he wants to see his mother again. In fact, when his father died last year, he was unable to attend the funeral because of the danger of being arrested.

He concluded: «I have a strong desire to be more affiliated with my mother, who lives in Japan, and to live with her. I do not think that I can win an election, and even if I do, I do not think that they will not stop me, because of the jurisdiction that gives parliamentarians immunity. However, even if he remained silent, nothing has changed for less than nine years since the investigation was conducted. I wanted to appeal to public opinion about the incompetence and unreasonableness of the world and make the slightest change, and my colleagues pushed me to stand in the election.».

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