One Piece surpasses Oshi no Ko in the monthly sales ranking

During the exciting month of July, the manga of Eiichiro Oda, one piece, crowned as the absolute king of sales in Japan. The Straw Hat Crew has conquered the seas, but also the charts! adding to the impressive total of 1,619,508 copies sold! This outstanding achievement ensured their well deserved position in Galway City first place of the monthly ranking.

In intense competition, the manga Kaisen jujutsu of Gege Akutami rise with the second positionto achieve a total of 1,493,302 copies were sold. Undoubtedly, the mystery and magic of this wizarding world continues to draw in readers who are eager to find out more.

We cannot forget magnetic power Oshi no Kowork akasaka and Mengo Yokoyari, who finished the podium in the third place with an excellent number of 1,274,701 copies sold. After taking charge in May and June, his move to this position surprised many.

victory of one piece This is not surprising considering the exceptional circumstances surrounding its success. During the first week of July, Volume 106 of the manga was released, which is sure to add to the fans’ excitement. In addition, the anime adaptation was about to become one of the most anticipated moments in the entire work. The combination of these factors continued to keep fans on their toes and boosted sales to stratospheric heights.

one piece

For his part, the amazing rise of it Kaisen jujutsu The latter position can be attributed in part to the recent release of a new compilation volume. But, There is no doubt that the excitement is also inflamed with the airing of the second season, which is about to adapt one of the most anticipated story arcs.keeping readers enthralled by the pages of this dark and captivating universe.

In short, July 2023 was an exciting month for manga lovers in Japan. one piece he continues to show his great leadership, Kaisen jujutsu he has climbed the steps with his unbroken spell and Oshi no Ko It kept its magic despite a slight stumble in the ratings. The world of manga continues to fill fans with excitement and leave us eager for the future!

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