One Piece Film Red reveals new preview to get an IMAX screening

The official Twitter account released a visual for what’s to comeONE PIECE FILM RED, along with the announcement that it will receive an IMAX screening in Japanese theaters. The film will be released in Japan on August 6, while Crunchyroll will release it in select theaters in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand this fall. Check out the cool new visual featuring the Straw Hats in their new outfits along with Shanks and his daughter Uta:

one piece film red film imax visual
ONE PIECE FILM RED: A visual message for IMAX

The film will focus on Uta, and the Red-Haired Pirates will also make an appearance. Kaori Nazuka will voice Uta and Ado will provide the singing voice. Three of the songs have already been released along with animated music videos and they are the main theme song “New Genesis”, a collaboration with Mrs. Green Apple “I’m invincible”. and collaboration with Vaundy “Backlight”. You can read the official synopsis of the film:

The story takes place on an island where Uta, the world’s favorite diva, makes her first public appearance. Uta’s singing voice, in which she sings while concealing her true identity, is described as “otherworldly” and while the venue is filled with the Straw Hats, led by Luffy, pirates, the fleet, and fans from around the world who are come to enjoy her voice, Uta’s voice is heard in a new light. The curtain rises on the story with the shocking revelation that she is “Shanks’ daughter!”

source: Official Twitter
©Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Fuji Television Network/ Toei Animation

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