One Piece Film Red Earns Over 10 Billion Yen in 20 Days, Gets Commemorative Illustration by Oda

ONE PIECE FILM REDcontinues to improve its record as the best performer ONE PIECE movie of all time and has mobilized over 7.2 million people and grossed over ¥10 billion (~$73.3 million USD) in the first 20 days since its August 6 premiere. This led to a special illustration by ONE PIECE creator Eiichiro Oda, which you can see below:

one piece of film red 10 billion illustration
ONE PIECE FILM RED – 10 Billion Commemorative Illustration

ONE PIECE FILM REDis getting an international release this fall, and you can watch the latest trailer:

The film previously had the second best opening weekend of all time in Japan as wellthe best opening day everin France. The story focuses on Uta, with the Red Hair Pirates also having a large role. Kaori Nazuka voices Uta and Ado provides the singing voice. Seven of the songs have already been released along with animated music videos and they are the main theme song“New Genesis”,collaboration with Mrs. Green Apple“I am invincible.”in collaboration with Vaundy “Backlight”collaboration with FAKE TYPE.“Fleeting Lullaby”in collaboration with Yuta Orisaka“The World Turns”collaboration with Hiroyuki Sawano “Tot Musica”and a collaboration with Motohiro Hata “Where the Wind Blows”. You can read the official synopsis of the film:
Uta – the most loved singer in the world. Known for concealing her own identity when performing, her voice has been described as “otherworldly”. Now, for the first time in history, Uta will reveal herself to the world in a live concert. As the hall fills with all manner of Uta’s fans—excited pirates, the Marines watching closely, and the Straw Hats, led by Luffy, who have simply come to enjoy her sonorous performance—the voice the whole world has been waiting for is time to sound. The story begins with the shocking fact that she is Shanks’ daughter.

source: Official Twitter
© Eiichiro Oda/2022 One Piece Production Committee.

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