One of the seiyuus from Love Live! Sushine !! on promotion to police chief

Vocal actress Shuka Saitō he will soon have a different career and the film of it Love Live! Sushine !! premieres. Saitō was chosen to be the police chief in the city of Numazu in Shizuoka the 10th of January. She will hold this position for a short time, approximately thirty minutes.

Shuka Saitō


Saitō She will use her new booth to promote the “110th-woman or Hi” day celebration. This day is the date on which the national police agency began promoting the use of “110” as Japan's emergency call number. Every year since that day, idol a female assumes a job as chief police officer, except for 2016 when the soloist is there DAIGO I take the job.

The voice actor and idol Yui ogura he assumed the title of police chief for a day in the mountainous city of Kiryū, his hometown, in the reigns of Gunma.

Fountain: ANN


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