One Author Explains Why ‘Ugly Characters’ are not often made within the Anime Industry

The Twitter User »た け の こ (takenokokun0521)Who describes himself as the author of a light novel that currently only writes on the indie site Shousetsuka ni Narou (how many of today ‘s great authors started), posted an update on Twitter explaining why anime designs must be attractive for sale, regardless of the quality of the story.

«Surely we all wonder at some point why in the manga and novels there are only attractive people and what happens to the prime minister who has a clearly defined face and thinks it is “normal”. I once asked a friend of a decorator and he gave me a simple answer: “it's expensive to make ugly characters”“, started.

He continued: «Not that perspective or drawing is crazy to produce, but it's very difficult and it builds that way. I've heard that there's an easy way to add fat to the chin and make a character fat, but my illustrator friend mentioned that it's not just a “fat character but still has an attractive face.”».

He continued: «That's why it's easier to say “this is the story” by asking the supposedly ugly characters to consider themselves from the beginning with phrases like “I'm just an ordinary boy”, as in a play in which the actors are given recognizable costumes and accessories such as crowns and capes, that is, it is the story that makes them ugly. Other reasons why characters are always “beauties” are because ugly characters are not in high demand, or at least make sure they are not what consumers are looking for.».

He said: “I do not understand why these posts came back, but I will silence all announcements before that kind of celebrity hits networks. Nowadays, I simply leave it “ugly characters need more lines, that is, draw time.” I don’t think it applies to decorators not being able to make them».

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