Olympic swimmer Miku Kojima to make adult film debut in Japan

Miku Kojima (小 嶋 美 紅) he is a former Japanese swimmer born on May 13, 2000, who participated in the Youth Olympics 2018 Buenos Aires represent Japan in the swimming category. She then won two bronze medals, one in the women’s 4 × 100 relay category and another in the 4 × 100 mixed relay category.

But what brings us together on this occasion is not only his sporting career, but also in “other business“. It turns out that Miku Kojima started in the adult film industry under the name Saki Shinkai (新海 咲). His first film will be released through the service Move on Demand in Japan, with a pending title and code announced, February 23rd.

The first 200-minute film is heavily promoted, and even had its own press conference on January 17th. Kojima / Shinkai has released a nude photo album entitled “Naked Butterfly Saki Shinkai“, On 25 October via the DMM / FANZA service. As the reader will see in the title, since then he had already taken his stage name, and perhaps already defined the direction he wanted to take from then on.

«When I published my nudes in the Weekly Post, there was a lot of publicity and negative speculation, like “I think she’s getting into porn” and “why did this happen?” I had talked about myself in the Weekly Post, but there was a slight difference between what the viewer wanted to see and what I wanted to post. What they want is to see me in a swimsuit», He said at his press conference.

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