Now you will be able to see girls’ panties even on acrylic stands

the erotic artist Nunnuwho wrote doujinshi for adults as “Oyabin Hypnotism” (279933), “Sister Breeding: Punishment Sex Edition with Tsukimiya Setsuna’s Stepsister” (308236) and “Heppoko Succubus no Shokuseikatsu” (327727), announced the launch of a line of rather strange acrylic stands with the possibility of viewing panties.

Many of us know that scale figures of female characters wearing skirts also include a glimpse of the girl’s panties. But how can this be done in the case of acrylic stands? Remember that these types of products are just illustrations printed on an acrylic model for display, so no matter what angle you look at it, it’s a flat product.

To fix that, the author put a “show” at the bottom of the stand showing the girls’ panties from inside the skirt and part of their bras from the baggy top., definitely something quite original that has never been seen before. The products will be sold through the store BOOTH starting this coming July 18th and will be priced individually at ¥2,500 (about $18). As for the two girls, they are two original characters hand in hand Nunnu.

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