Now they make sure that Kimetsu or Yaiba sexuality does not harm children

Twitter user »January (@PaxLillin)“Went viral after posting criticism on”sexual design”Of the female characters in the second season of Kimetsu aon Yaiba, specifically about Tengen Uzui’s wives and Nezuko Kamado in his demon form. The user, who describes himself as a teacher, noted “this interferes with the development of the children who watch the series“.

«I taught girls between the ages of 9 and 12 who love anime and think that Kimetsu no Yaiba is the coldest thing in the world, and if you think that the design of such female characters does not send them a strange message, please educate yourself better. Nezuko is 14 years old, and this shit is legitimately harmful“, wrote.

«I will not commit to any defense of Nezuko’s design, which is “oh, that’s its adult form”. Kimetsu or Yaiba has such great cuisine, there is no reason not to do better here. Tengen’s wives are so cool, and it’s an example of a weak, lazy design reducing them to a “pair of boobs”.», He said.

The post went viral on Twitter, especially after an article was published mojitsu in Japan suggests that Westerners do not seem to be able to separate fact from fiction:

  • «Did you know that Kimetsu or Yaiba were never intended for children? You should show your children anime that is age appropriate. You should not let them see things that you know are harmful just because they like them. Trust me I was raised in a Christian house and sneak out behind my parents back».
  • «So all the gore and violence was okay to show off his class, but the moment they boasted him, he suddenly became upset. Am I right?».
  • «[Sarcasmo] Damn, it almost seems like these are fictional characters and this show is more focused on teens and adults.».
  • «Okay, so what about the half-nude shots of characters like Inosuke? Are they harmful to children too?».
  • «There is a woman with a cut head in the series: “It’s just fiction.” The series shows a woman with a breast: “This is not just fiction, how could they do this? God, this is so harmful! “»
  • «Hey, do you remember that time in season 1 when a demon tied ropes to a girl’s body and then broke her limbs and then broke her neck while crying in fear and seeking help? That was fucked up a lot, huh. Did you show it to the class too?».
  • «Yes, make girls who develop their breasts in their early teens embarrassed by having a big breast, telling colleagues that they should disagree with these body types: that will be extremely positive and will not elicit any form of bullying and harassment.».

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