Not Just a Cutie at Shikimori that ended this week

Keigo Makithe author of the franchise Not Just a Cutie Shikimori (Kawaii dake ha Nai Shikimori-san), shared an update through his official Twitter account informing about the same the final chapter will be published on February 18th in Japan. It should be remembered that it was already reported from last month that the work was in its final stretch, so the fans were already prepared for this announcement.

It should be noted that the manga inspired an anime adaptation in 2022, however. if the original manga ends it means that the chance of a second season is greatly reduced (This is because the purpose of anime productions is usually to increase the sales of the original works, but the latter ends, so that intention is lost).

Not Just a Cutie Shikimori

For his part, Maki started publishing this manga through his Twitter account under the title Kawaii dake ha Nai Onnanokoand later began publishing through the service Pocket Journal from the publisher kodansha in February 2019. The work inspired a twelve-episode anime adaptation, produced by the studios Kobo dog and for the first time in the season Summer-2022 (July-September)with crunchyroll in charge of its distribution.

Summary of Not Just a Cutie Shikimori

Izumi is a high school student whose life is full of misfortune. Since I was young, I always came home with injuries. Due to her bad luck, her days are filled with unfortunate events, until she started dating Shikimori. Shikimori can be described as the perfect girl: cute, adorable, and very much in love with Izumi. However, sometimes she is not so pleasant, but she is the coolest bride in the scariest way possible. His demanding presence and genuine concern for Izumi’s well-being never fails to take her breath away. With the cute but cool Shikimori by Izumi’s side, her unlucky days are over, leading a life full of joy and warmth.

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