Nintendo’s erotic video game Massage Freaks has been delayed

The developer company love announced that he has decided to delay the release of the video game Freaks Massage as a result of discussions held with stakeholders. The game was originally scheduled to be released for Change on 4 August. The new release date has not been set yet.

According to the announcement tweet of loveall pre-orders of Freaks Massage be canceled as a result of this delay. In addition, the company says that it will proceed to take legal action against the spread of false rumors that hinder its business, or posts on social networks that are considered malicious.

In a later update, the company apologized for carelessly parodying the names of real people on the game’s characters. They have confirmed that they have already made changes to the names of the characters. Qureate lamented that they had to delay the release, even though the game was to be released as planned. They intend to continue to offer content that fans can enjoy, learning about the helplessness they felt as game developers in this matter.

Freaks Massage It is a rhythm video game where players massage different girls. In the game, the protagonist Atsushi Yubihara he takes over his late grandfather’s massage parlor and massages the young women who visit him to ease their problems and pay off his grandfather’s debts.

Atsushi’s secret massage technique involves massaging the beat of music that the clients want to hear subliminally to heal themselves inside and out. The players massage each other to the beat by pressing the appropriate buttons in time with the music. This will increase patrons’ affection for Atsushi, which can lead to love and “seeing unexpected things that would make most men cringe!”

While no gameplay footage has been revealed and information is limited, the screenshots and gameplay summaries are quite tantalizing. As the songs progress, the girls’ clothes become more revealing, and if a certain score is reached,”Well done! Totally relaxing! (NTR mode)“. The game describes this method as the representation of naked women through physical nudity.

even though love has not given details about the reason for the delay, critical comments about the game have been shared on the Internet, and some have said that it shows discrimination against women, that it is a game of sexual exploitation and that it is reminiscent of some recent massage parish sex crimes in Japan. And some of the criticism was directed at Nintendo for allowing the game to be sold on their platform.

This prompted Qureate to make a statement on July 17. The company said that they are the only ones who can adjust the content of the game and asked that the comments about the game be sent directly to them.. Qureate also said at the time that they were considering adjusting aspects of the game such as character names and what is shown.

It is not clear if the decision to delay the game was made to adjust what is done in the game or if there is another reason. Regarding the names of the characters, it has been revealed that the names of all the female characters are the same as the names of the idol group members. Gambling 46 (although the surnames are different). Qureate apologized for this matter a few days ago and updated the official website to reflect the changes made to the character names.

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