NieR: Automata: 2B’s big bump goes viral again

Since last September 1, there is a collaboration event between the franchise “NieR: Automata” and the popular video game for smartphones”goddess of victory: NIKKE“. In case you don’t know the game, it’s a third-person shooter and completely free (with optional in-app purchases), with a gacha mechanic included.

The player controls one of up to five interchangeable characters lined up in front of a battlefield and positioned behind a defensive object. So, the player aims with a reticle to be able to shoot enemies and takes cover to reload automatically. The characters in question are called “Nikke”, and they are beautiful girls who, because of the location where they shoot (on the knees) As the player looks at the scene from behind, they usually get a glimpse of their huge bases that swing with every shot from the heavy weapons.

Eventually this feature became prominent and well-known of the video game. Whenever someone mentions “Victory Band: NIKKE” they immediately associate it with juicy bottoms bobbing on the screen, which is precisely why the collaboration with “NieR: Automata” became a topic of interest. After all, the female protagonist of 2B is popular for exactly the same reason, as there are many close-ups within the game that wiggles when she attacks and when she walks. Combining the two franchises, what could be expected then?

The result was more than satisfactory, as the designers gave 2B a huge bump, which goes into an almost hypnotic rhythm every time she fires her arms. But why do we keep telling you? You better watch this masterclass in team marketing for yourself at “Victory salute: NIKKE”, who knows what fans really want:

By the way, A2 is quite popular within the franchise “NieR: Automata” and is also featured as part of this collaboration. Although she also seems in the right outfit for this game, she wasn’t as popular as 2B this time.

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