NewJeans Record Label ADOR Responds To Criticism About ‘Cookie’ Lyrics “Sexual” With Long Statement

HYBE affiliate ADOR has released a lengthy statement addressing the controversy surrounding the lyrics for “Cookie,” a single by rookie girl group and record label artist NewJeans.

On August 27, the label uploaded a statement in Korean and English on its official website addressing concerns about the lyrical content of “Cookie,” which is part of the group’s first EP, “New Jeans.”

When it was released on August 1, the song was criticized by listeners, who called the lyrics “sexual” and inappropriate due to the ages of the NewJeans members, who range from 14 to 18 years old (15 to 19 years of age) in Korean age. ). Here are some of the lines listeners have quoted from the lyrics: “Lookingmy cookies / do you ever smell different? (Try it) / That one bite not enough?Some listeners also pointed out that the word “cookie” is also the spoken language of generation members among some English speakers.

The members of NewJeans have stated in previously published TikTok that the track’s “cookie” refers to their fresh music and sound. ADOR upholds this position in its statement, which details the four songs on the group’s debut EP.

“The ADOR team had no problem with the lyrics for ‘Cookie’ when we were making the album because our vision of wholesome original music was very clear to us,” the label said, adding that “there is no they’re teaching slang terms at school. and not everyone knows them.”

ADOR also said it consulted with English teachers and translators regarding the controversy, who suggested, according to the brand, that it is not a “normal interpretation” of the word. However, ADOR also recognized that “any listener may interpret the word with a different meaning depending on personal experience and exposure to certain slang meanings.”

ADOR has also said that “Cookie” was written by two English speakers – one Korean and one Swedish, both in their thirties – in response to erroneous claims that the song was written by a man.

The record company was also “concerned” by comments about the age of the members of NewJeans, which presented them “as an unusually young group”, “when other teenage groups have similar formations”. He also mentioned “the stereotype some people have that young people are insecure and out of touch with the world around them.”

ADOR also mentioned the possibility that “his “long explanation” had no effect on people who already have their minds on the matter”, adding: “After all, a toxic perspective can make something inoffensive take it and see it for what it is. We believe that context is the most important factor in acting. As always, context is key.”

He added that it was “sad” to see comments that suggested the agency had deliberately singled out NewJeans for the controversy. “This is in no way the kind of attention that the group, or ADOR, or even their adoring fans seek, and the baseless rumors are a toll on everyone involved in the project,” concluded ADOR, before sign his statement. , which you can read in full here.

This statement from ADOR comes weeks after ADOR said it would take legal action against “malicious activity” aimed at NewJeans. In that announcement, made a week after the release of “New Jeans,” the label did not mention or describe specific situations or incidents, but said it would not extend “settlements or leniency” against those behind ” malicious criticism, baseless dissemination. and slander” about the girl group.

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