New Career Compilation Announces Madonna To Celebrate Dance Charter Milestone

Madonna has announced details of “Finally Enough Love”, a new collection celebrating the singer’s 50th record on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart.

Madonna’s 2019 track ‘I Don’t Search I Find’, which was on her album ‘Madame X’, earned the 50th number one for the artist on the US Dance Club Songs chart back in February 2020.

Because of this achievement Madonna was the first and only artist with 50 numbers on a single Billboard chart.

Madonna is set to continue celebrating that success with the release of the “Finally Enough Love” collection digitally on June 24, before being physically released on August 19th. Pre-order is available here and here.

The first two album releases will feature the next two versions of “Finally Enough Love” – ​​a 50-song past of Madonna’s Dance Club hits (excluding “Causing A Commotion since 1987)” and a shortened 16-track version. will be part of the partnership between Madonna and Warner Music Group, announced in August.

Both collections are curated by Madonna, and the 50-track “Finally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones” includes her favorite remixes of dance hits from the four decades, including “Music,” “Like A Prayer,” “and” Into The Groove. “(which you can listen to above).

You can check out the full track list for ‘Finally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones’ below.

  1. Holiday ‘(Version 7 “)
  2. Like a Virgin ‘(Version 7 “)
  3. Relevant Girl ‘(Version 7 “)
  4. Into The Groove ‘(You Can Dance Remix Edit)
  5. Open Your Heart ‘(video version)
  6. Physical Attraction ‘(You Can Dance Remix Edit)
  7. Everybody ‘(You Can Dance Remix Edit)
  8. Like Prayer ‘(Remix / Edit)
  9. Express Yourself ‘(Remix / Edit)
  10. Keep It Together ‘(Alternate Remix)
  11. Vogue ‘(version only)
  12. Justify My Love ‘(Orbit Edit)
  13. Erotica ‘(Underground Club Mix)
  14. Deeper and deeper ‘(Radio Editor David)
  15. Fever ‘(Edit Radio)
  16. Secret ‘(Junior Luscious Solo Mix)
  17. Bedtime Story ‘(Junior Solo Mix)
  18. Don’t Cry For Me Argentina ‘(Miami Mix Edit)
  19. Frozen ‘(Extended Club Mix Array)
  20. Ray Of Light ‘(Sasha Ultra Violet Mix Edit)
  21. Nothing Really Matters’ (Radio Mix Club 69)
  22. Beautiful Stranger ‘(Calderone Radio Mix)
  23. American Pie ‘(Richard’ Humpty ‘Video Radio Mix)
  24. Music “(Deep Dish Dot Com Radio Edit)
  25. Don’t Tell Me ‘(Thunderpuss Video Remix)
  26. What Does It Feel For Your Girl ‘(Under and Beyond Club Radio Edit)
  27. Fantastic Instant ‘(Peter Rauhofer Universal Radio Showcase)
  28. Die Another Day ‘(Deepsky Radio Edit)
  29. American Life ‘(Devin Dazzle Edit by Felix Da Housecat)
  30. Hollywood ‘(Calderone & Quayle Edit)
  31. Me Against The Music ‘(Peter Rauhofer Radio Mix) + – Britney Spears feat. madonna
  32. ‘Nothing fails’ (Underground Radio Editor Tracy Young)
  33. Love Profusion ‘(Ralph Rosario House Voice Editor)
  34. Hang Up ‘(SDP Enhanced Editing)
  35. I’m sorry ‘(PSB Maxi Mix Edit)
  36. Get Together ‘(Jacques Lu Cont Voice Edit)
  37. Jump ‘(Axwell Remix Edit)
  38. 4 Minutes’ (Bob Sinclar Space Funk Edit) + – feat. Justin Timberlake and Timbaland
  39. Give It 2 ​​Me ‘(Eddie Amador Club 5 Edit)
  40. Celebration ‘(Benny Benassi Remix Edit)
  41. Give Me Your Luvin ” (Party Rock Remix) – feat. LMFAO and Nicki Minaj
  42. Girl Gone Wild ‘(UMF Avicii Mix)
  43. Turn Up The Radio ‘(Offer Nissim Remix Edit)
  44. Living For Love ‘(Nissim Promo Mix Offer)
  45. Ghosttown ‘(Dirty Pop Intro Remix)
  46. Bitch I’m Madonna ‘(Sander Kleinenberg Video Editing) – feat. Nicki Minaj
  47. Medellín ‘(Nissim Madame X Motion In The Sphinx Mix) – Madonna and Maluma
  48. I Rise ‘(Intro Pride Radio with Tracy Young)
  49. ‘Crave’ (Tracy Young Dangerous Remix) – feat. swae lee
  50. I Can’t Find It ‘(Dijon Radio Mile)

Last weekend Madonna teamed up with Colombian singer Maluma on stage in Medellin to sing a few songs.


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