Netorare (NTR) is the most consumed of the year in Japan

The popular Twitter user known as “@dIsiter_NYANSAK” He has shared his monthly content analysis on DL sitethe famous Japanese website specialized in the distribution of a wide range of digital products related to adult entertainment (mainly doujinshi and eroges). This analysis highlights the most popular product categories among consumers, and in August 2023, there were no surprises: the genre “Netorare (NTR)” remained in first place for the eleventh month in a row.

DL site a leading platform in Japan’s adult entertainment industry, allowing independent creators and companies to publish and sell their works digitally. It offers a wide variety of downloadable content, including video games, visual novels, manga, and other genres of adult entertainment.

But what is “netorare”? This genre, which has been number one in popularity for almost a year, is characterized by dealing with stories of infidelity and deception in romantic relationships. It’s a controversial topic that has sparked passionate debate between consumers and the creative community. Some people see it as a manifestation of complex emotional fantasies, but others find it disturbing and problematic.

These details have attracted attention in opinion forums and social networks, where users have shared different opinions. Some comments include:

  • «Netorare is the most popular among users, but less popular among creative circles. It means that the supply is not enough to meet the demand.».
  • «Netorare destroys the mind, avoid it as best you can».
  • «People who read and enjoy the netorare are really sick».
  • «I don’t understand Otakus taste for Netarare, do they enjoy being a fool?».
  • «It’s not that Otakus enjoy being fooled, it’s that they agree with the man who gets the woman. It is better to ask yourself, why would you, who do not like the netarare, agree with the loser?».

Netorare continues to generate debate and analysis in the online adult entertainment community, highlighting the diversity of tastes and opinions in this wide and varied area of ​​Japanese pop culture.

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