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Netflix releases Japanese promo video for Cowboy Bebop live-action

A few days ago the platform Netflix The first official promo video for the upcoming live-action series based on the original studio anime has been released Sunrise, Bebop bó, whose premiere is scheduled for next November 19 in Japan. He posted six versions of this same video that recently received a Japanese title, featuring the original voice cast of the series, including:

  • Koichi Yamadera like a spike, Taiten kusunoki like Jet, Megumi Hayashibara like Faye, Norio Wakamoto like the Vicious hitman, Gara takashima like Julia, Tsutomu Taruki Y. Miki Nagasawa such as Punch and Judy TV presenters, Takaya hashi mar Teddy Bomber, Kenyu horiuchi as Gren, Masako Isobe like Mao, and Romi Park Y. Hikaru Midorikawa as Shin and Lin, two Vicious beaks.

This certainly improved the opinion of fans in Japan, who expressed opinions on networks such as: «Honestly, now I look good»,«It's great now that we could hear the original voices!»,«I’ll be completely honest, they managed to buy with the original voices, though I’m still not entirely sure with the live-action cast team.»,«I loved the part where Hayashibara-san says “Nani yetten no !?” (What the fuck are you doing?)»,«It seems to me that Yamadera – sensei is deepening his voice to suit Spike ‘s oldest appearance, but what a master!“Y”The power of vocal actors will certainly not be underestimated». Clearly there were also differing views from fans who cannot accept that this live-action project still exists.

Summary Cowbb Bebop

In 2071, mankind colonized some of the planets and peat in the solar system leaving the planet's now uninhabitable surface. Intersolar System Police try to keep the peace in the galaxy, aided in part by bounty hunters known as “Cowboys.” The motley crew aboard the Bebop spacecraft are two such people.

The Spike balances Spiegel easily and gayly with his boisterous and pragmatic Jet Black partner as the pair survive chasing crocuses and collecting bounties. Deviation by adding new members they meet on their travels: Ein, a very intelligent and genetically modified Welsh Corgi; femme-fatale Faye Valentine, enigmatic trickster with memory loss; and weird computer boy Edward Wong – the team embarks on exciting adventures that unravel the dark and mysterious past of every little member.

Fountain: SoraNews24

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